What is the Merchant code of Soylent for VISA/MasterCard?


There are plenty of credit cards that give rebate/cashback on groceries and food stores based on the Merchent Category code (MCC). I believe most credit cards that give cash back on food demand MCC 5411. Does anybody know what the MCC of Soylent is? Was there anybody successful getting 5-6% cashback on their credit card (for instance, Sallie Mae MasterCard or American Express Blue Cash Everyday or Preferred)?


We always pay with our Amex Gold just so we get the points that it has which are decent, but they’re no 5% cash back that’s for sure. I’d love to know more about this, we’re huge fans of exploiting our credit cards in any way possible. :wink:


This sound like maybe and FAQ. I’ll post the question there