What is the ratio of powder to water?

My Soylent powder should arrive today but the pitcher and scoop will not be here until middle of next week. How much powder and water should I mix for one 500 calorie meal?

When I was doing powder, I always just made a whole pitcher at a time and poured out one meal at a time as needed.

However, to measure powder for a single meal (1/4 of a bag), here are a couple of threads that may be of use:

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It really doesn’t particularly matter. What matters is how much powder you consume; the water is just there to help you drink down the powder.

What would your answer to the question how much water can I drink when I take a pill? The answer: as much as you want.

I think I would go with a third of a glass of powder and two thirds of water, and change according to taste.

Ther are instructions for preparing a glass of Soylent in the pamphlet that comes with a box of Soylent.

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~1:8 by volume…

I always add about 1.6 liters of water to make a 2 liter pitcher. So that would be .4 liters of water to what ever amount of powder you need to get to 500 cal.

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i add water to 115 g of soylent to fill a magic bullet kind, up to 600 mL, then mix it, it goes down to 500mL give or take. You can try with less water, depending of the thickness you want.

I make one serving at a time, so I use 4 heaping tablespoons + 5oz of water and 6 ice cubes (plus supergreens powder and stevia) in a blender. I increase/decrease powder based on my energy and caloric needs, but I find this to be highly imprecise but a system that works pretty well for me. :wink: I’m still working through a surplus of 1.4 and I can’t drink it when it’s pre-made; tastes like slime. So one cup at a time in the blender with ice is awesome.