What is the serving size


How is it possible that a serving size for the powder at least per meal is not listed anywhere? It is absolutely mind boggling to me. 1/2 cup? 3/4 cup? 5 1/2 Tablespoons?


Your order comes with one of these:

Each scoop holds 74g, and there are six scoops per bag/day of Soylent.


The starter kit includes a scoop to measure out a serving. Each scoop of dry powder is 1/2 of a serving which needs one scoop of water. So, you need two scoops of powder and two scoops of water per serving. The oil is a little trickier if you only want a single serving.

It is just easier to make an entire day at a time and pour from the provided pitcher as needed.


1 bag is one day’s worth. Mixed according to instructions 1/3rd works out to just under 19 oz. I don’t know if any DIYers actually eat it as ‘meals’ though. I tend to just sip throughout the day.


Did we ever get a consensus on liquid based serving size? The cup I have been using is 16oz. So is it 8oz, 12oz or 16oz for a “meal”?
Or is it drink as much as you want


The purpose of a “serving size” is not to tell you how much to consume… It’s to tell you how much they’re talking about when they tell you how many calories it contains.

You need to do a little bit of math, but the bag + oil make 2000 calories a day in a 2-liter container. If 2000 is a good target for you, and you want to consume it in four doses, drink half a liter four times. If you want to keep it at three meals, drink 2/3 liter three times. (That’s roughly 17 oz or 23 oz if you’re measuring that way.)

I’m 6’5" tall and weigh 225 pounds and am active; I need close to 3000 calories a day. My meals are a lot larger, so I go through 1.5 “days” of Soylent every day.


I’m on day four at about 70-80% official Soylent. I mix up a pitcher and pour myself an 8 ounce glass whenever I feel the urge, probably every couple hours. I work at home, which helps with this. If I were to consume the whole pitcher in a day, I’d have to bump that up a bit, but right now I’m trying to ease into it.

Going 100% Soylent, which I tried to do on the 2nd day, seems to make my spacey at this point, and I need some traditional food, usually a sandwich, to bring me back down to reality.