What is the shelf life / expiration of the unmixed packaged product?


Any among you who’ve actually received product: are there markings on the box or anywhere on the packaging referring to “Best if used by” or “Expires” with a date shown?

Also, I have read here somewhere that they don’t have production dates or lot numbers marked on the packaging. That seems like and extraordinary production and quality control error. Can any among you verify if this is still true of package markings? Heck, if something goes wrong with a particular batch, they’ll have to recall EVERYTHING from everywhere unless they correct this issue.

I look at this product as, among other things like potentially saving time and money, a good way to stock up on simple food stores for emergencies of varying duration - sort of a dry MRE or its functional equivalent, just add water. So, the shelf life would be quite helpful to know.


So far I’ve only looked at the pouches from our original order and 1 reorder, and none have any markings of any kind to indicate batch, date, etc. Will check the 2nd reorder too once we open it in a few more days.


I now see on the promo video at https://s3.amazonaws.com/soylent-files/Soylent-Web-1.webmhd.webm or currently on the http://www.soylent.me/ homepage that it is expected to last about two years, per the narrator comment at about 1:30m. However, I would still like to see if they are marking production or expiration dates on the product, and hopefully lot numbers.


Lot numbers are embossed on the top of the pouches. No easy to see but defiantly there. Oil bottles stamped on the bottom.


Expiration dates would have to be largely speculative because the product hasn’t been around as long as its presumed longevity. That sort of testing would be in the future. Batch dates might be useful (not terribly relevant right now though).

BTW: Expiration dates for most of the products in your grocery store are also wild approximations. Canned goods can be perfectly edible for decades though their contents may or may not discolor.



Wow… not easy to see is an understatement. I’m staring at a pouch intensely and can’t see one at all. Can you give any more direction on where to look than “top of the pouches”? They aren’t on the tear-off portion are they?

EDIT: Yes they ARE on the tear-off portion. That’s why I couldn’t see them… I was looking at my used pouches. So yes there are some sort of numbers at the top of the pouches.


I think they should move them but the fact that they’re there has less to do with expiration dates than if (heaven forfend) there should ever have to be a batch recall.