What is the Soylent team doing towards the goal of bringing Soylent to the poor?


Soylent has such great nutritional value that is already so cheap. My question is, can it currently be sold at cost to food banks at a price that would work for them? I know the commercial product is priced at $3, but if more Soylent could be produced at a cheaper price and sold at cost to food banks, why is that not happening yet? Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Soylent fan with immense respect, but I have been unable to find any comments by Rob or the Soylent team in regards to plans to make this happen soon. The potential to help people seems incredible. Thank you, much love!

Brian C.



I believe they’re still working towards bringing the cost down. One of the previously stated plans they had to do that was to start their own facility for manufacturing Soylent. I don’t know where they’re at with that, but I do know they are continue to work towards it.


I believe Rob said he wanted to get the price down to around $1 a day (yes day). I think that is achievable, but only after a lot of innovations. Most likely algae protein, etc. In other words, this is a long term goal. We could do it in the near future, but the quality would probably suffer greatly.

I think most people would think we should finish being able to produce enough that the rich (we American swine) can get it in an acceptable amount of time. (That’s me being funny, please don’t read the wrong way.) I can only imagine the amount of hate posts they would get if the Soylent team said anything about having a different goal than getting production and shipping at 100%. I wouldn’t bitch, but getting a bunch of “rich” people to fund your product before making it for the poor does make sense. That’s why I would love, but can’t afford to buy a Tesla.


I know they wanted to lower the price once they where taking non-preorder orders, but discovered that the cost of shipping Soylent was more than anticipated. Yes, a part of that Soylent price tag is to cover the cost of shipping Soylent to you. I don’t see $1 a day, but maybe $1-2 a meal, with enough people consuming Soylent.


Why isn’t it being done yet? Because they’re not even through their initial backers yet. Much less the new orders and all the subscriptions to catch up on. People that have coughed up money to make that dream and more a reality. People that Rosa Labs have a direct obligation to.

Don’t put the cart in front of the horse. This isn’t a short term idea, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to even pull off what they’ve already agreed to. I’d say come back in 3 years and then ask that question. There’s a ton of things that have to be worked out first. Recipes, supply chain, normal and exponential growth of the brand.


Because they’re pretty sure they’ll have all the backer orders within the next 3 years… fingers crossed!