What is the tastiest DIY recipe?


I can’t take my soylent anymore. I’m 100% committed to trying a different recipe as I want to continue eating soylent exclusively but my recipe is disgusting no matter how I try to flavor it.

So what is the tastiest recipe?


Link to your recipe?

I think recipes without oats and with whey protein are best-tasting, you can always seperate the salts to capsules if that helps too.


Mines not bad, not good, but not bad. But I think I am the only one dumb enough to try my recipe anyways.

I found that I have enough malto in mine that I can add koolaid to flavor it. When I first tried it, it was freaking awesome. But I have changed my formula a bit, so it’s not as good as it was.


Mine has whey protein but it’s strawberry flavored. Hopefully that’s not the problem but I’ll get a non-flavored one next time and see if it comes out any better.

Also oats make me want to vomit, I haven’t tried using oat flour yet however.

Thanks for the tips.


Can I see your recipe?


Harvey’s is here

edit: If you have to gag also check if it’s the choline, can be really fishy.


Just go through tasting all the ingredients, find out what is making it bad. Try to replace the bad ones with less bad equivalents, or if necessary remove them and either shot them with a little water in the morning, or put them in gelatin capsules.

I would recommend unflavoured whey just so you have more control over the taste. Do post your ingredient list so we can make suggestions. One for instance is that olive oil varies a lot. I was using one which tasted very strongly of olives, then tried another and found it tasted like butter! Much better!

Edit: are you using whole oats? Put them through a blender or a coffee grinder.