What is this Soylent alternative that is mentioned in KetoSoy?



On KetoSoy’s about page, they mention:

While waiting for my order, I saw a video about soylent on vice.com that mentioned a very low calorie medical food as a currently available alternative to Soylent.

Does anyone know what Soylent alternative is this?



Here is a link to a piece Vice did about Soylent in November 2013, but I don’t have the patience to watch the 24 minute video that they have at the top:

Your answer might be in there if you have the patience to watch it.


It could be something like “Ensure”, but there are other similar products that predate Soylent


There was a lot of discussion of this at the time (before Soylent started shipping in any quantity). This probably one of the products used for people who can’t eat solid food for whatever reason. Looking on the Amazon (US) site I see some Medifast products which could be what he ordered. OptiFast seems to be a clinic dispensed product along the same lines.

I can see this sort of thing being an inspiration, especially using the logic of “if sick people can survive on this stuff, I can too” and making it better and cheaper.