What is your Nootropic Stack?


If you were replying to my post, i dint find an answer to my question about whether nootropics affect sleep after people start taking them?


I was replying to the OP, but I can answer your question, sure.

All nootropics have different half lives of effects and different effects, so they will impact different people differently.

The blood-brain-barrier-crossing-B-Vitamins prevent fatigue, so although I can sleep even right after taking them, I don’t feel an urge to go to bed if my dose is too high or too late in the day, my brain just won’t fatigue unless I work it far longer.

Then there are stimulants, which keep you awake by stimulating you. The *finils, the caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, etc pump your body and mind into action which makes sleep difficult. But if you know the half lives and your tolerance, then you plan the dosage and the time of day when you take it so that you can sleep at night. For example, many who take *finils find that they just don’t bother sleeping for a couple days. Well, their dose was too high, I took a more moderate dose, found the full effect and had it wear off around the time I went to bed. It takes practice and playing with dosages, but it can be done.

Others don’t impact sleep at all, such as bacopa, lion’s mane, L-theanine, racetams, and may actually make sleep easier via their anxiolytic effects. Since my stack is devoid of stimulants, I find that if I take them in the morning when I need to be awake but haven’t slept much, I can be functional, and then I can pass out for a solid 4 hour nap when I get home, wake up and go about my day with the nootropics still having good effects.


The racetams are awesome, as they have different effects on different parts of the brain and each do interesting things.

For example, piracetam in full dose makes me see beauty in nature far more and the pictures I take, even with my crappy camera, are far better when I’m taking it than when I’m not, and aniracetam enhances the effect further, as well as making music more beautiful to listen to and the sounds of nature feel as though they have greater dynamic range.

We are used to stimulants just stimulating the body, but the racetams speed up areas of the brain, and perception happens in the brain so you literally see and hear better thanks to those two racetams. Oxiracetam has been said to affect spatial reasoning skills as well as other interesting areas, and as an engineer I desperately want to try it for a while and see what I can do.

Piracetam also makes me wittier, words come easier, and I find myself with an expanded vocabulary when taking it. I would highly recommend the racetams, although not much is understood about the mechanisms of action, so every few months take a break for a week or so, return to baseline levels, and start again. Just to be safe.


This used to be me sans any supplemental help. For the past few years (starting in mid-40s) it has become more difficult to recall bits of information - something learned recently, or associations to older information. I find myself keeping much more information written down for reference. I’m told this is normal, but it is disconcerting.

I’ve only vaguely been aware of nootropics until recently. I’m a bit concerned by the lack of serious studies and therefore take most everything I hear as anecdotal. The bulk of historical information - scientific or otherwise - seems to be on Piracetam. I’ve read enough that I’m likely to try a limited number of these to see how it works on my memory formation and recall. For myself, I am not attracted to the idea of chemically changing my perception of the world, or even artificially boosting my cognition above healthy, standard levels. I don’t condemn it, I just don’t like it myself. However I would like to see if I could supplement my way back to an approximation of earlier years - to the degree that is possible.

To that end, do you have any suggestions on the best “bang for the buck” in that area, requiring as few different nootropic supplements as possible? It is clear you have done some extensive research on this so if you have a recommendation along with a dosage range, I can use that as a basis for my own study and perhaps try it out. If anyone else has suggestions along these lines, I would be happy to hear them. I’m also interested in what you feel are safe, legal and reliable sources for these.

I should mention that I register as quite healthy otherwise with only some of the normal ailments of age but well under control. Thanks!


The following is all commentary, I’ll address your questions in my next response:
I could learn like that as a kid, but in 9th grade I was put on a high dose vitamin A acne medicine that stunted my growth and pushed me almost retarded from which it took a long time to recover. My writings from middle school were at a college level as was my science performance, but after that medicine I might as well have been a drop out.

I’ve gotten to a point where, thanks to cumulative gains from nootropics, I’m almost as capable as I was before any of that happened while not taking anything. While taking nootropics I’m smarter than I ever was.

My life story is a tragedy, train wreck after train wreck. I’ve done everything people are told to do to become good, successful adults, and instead it has landed my poverty, misery, not seeing my daughter for the better part of a year now, probation, and still no sign of success on the horizon, but a six figure student loan debt to weigh me down. I’m an inventor and an engineer, and I work my ass off, but there are no job opportunities for somebody in my position.

From my life, even the best was never good enough. Even though I’ve now got an unsupplemented IQ of 144, in the top 0.2%, it certainly hasn’t helped me. Even though I’ve solved problems industry has been stuck on for decades it hasn’t done shit for me. No matter what I do, it is not good enough, and no matter how smart I am, it is never smart enough. Even with high EQ and high rationality scores, even learning about the greatest breadth of knowledge I can accumulate and the greatest depth of knowledge I can muster, it has yielded me nothing in return and I have nothing to show for it.

Nature endowed us with bodies and brains built to work on minimized resources. Nature gave us as little function as possible to achieve the ends to which we needed to survive and reproduce. When a full dose of piracetam + aniracetam hits and you see in more deep saturation than is naturally possible and hear more finely and wonderfully than is natural and you think more clearly, words come more easily, when that has happened to me, I see the potential of these substances and I see that the brain has more to offer us than we were endowed with,that we have nearly limitless range in which to grow.


In terms of bang for buck, I’d have to suggest Piracetam, the cheapest of the racetams per dosage. Choline (likely choline bitartrate) which just needs to be paired with any racetam, as racetams deplete brain choline levels which can be harmful long term if not replenished, and cause headaches.

I’d also recommend Bacopa and Lion’s Mane. Both have been scientifically tested and produce excellent results for memory and maintaining the brain.

It could be other factors as well, aging may be a natural process but a lot of it is caused by specific issues and can be repaired with specific supplements. Certain B vitamins that are more neuroactive, certain herbal substances with broad ranges of effect, sometimes Omega-3s, sometimes various neuroprotectants. Sometimes it is a mitochondria issue and some CoQ10+PQQ could fix it. It is really hard to tell as the number of possible causes is massive and the number of possible solutions is also massive.

But for your money’s worth, Piracetam, Choline Bitartrate, Omega-3, Bacopa, Lion’s mane should get you back where you want to be, even if they don’t address the underlying problem.


@david and @chris_sudlik Its really saddening to hear that . If i may throw my two cents in, sometimes stress alone can affect memory a lot, in that case taking vit E pills too ( or vitamin pills that have high E in them…if you plan to take multi- vitamin pills) can help as they protect against stress related effects on the brain to quite an extent. But if you plan on taking nootropics then take standalone vit E pills (again if mental stress is the reason for the forgetting)

But 7 hrs of sleep minimum no matter what pills are taken, is highly recommended by a lot of doctors. Sleep too is said to be a very good neuroprotector and neuroenhancer.


I take plenty of excess vitamin C, E, and some other anti-oxidants to help the body deal with the stress of working harder, and most of them have other benefits. NAC in addition to mild anti-oxidant properties also breaks up mucus so I never have to deal with a runny nose more than a half an hour in the morning when sick, vit C is an anti-histamine, so allergies are lessened when taking it, which is nice.


How do you guys add these big stacks to soylent? Does anyone make more than one day’s worth and scoop a certain amount daily, or suffer through making it daily?


Anyone? 10 characters


I take mine separately, as the combined stack into one serving alters the taste unfavorably. I just mix it in a shotglass with water and a few drops of lime juice, then chase it with my soylent.

My stack (twice daily):
Noopept 30 mg
Alpha-GPC 300 mg
Caffeine 200 mg
L-Theanine 400 mg


I pop everything in capsules. Easier that way. Take them between sips (or bites if solid food). Works fine for me.


@agentspiff since you are taking noopept (which helps in neurogenesis) from what what i have gathered reading about them, does taking a fish oil capsule with noopept help too as they provide raw materials for myelination of neurons?


It is important to buy vitamin e which is mixed tocopherols (d-alpha tocopherol, d-beta tocopherol, d-delta tocopherol and d-gamma tochopherol), and possibly the four tocotrienols too (d-alpha tocotrienol, d-beta tocotrienol, d-delta tocotrienol and d-gamma trocotrienol), and not just vitamin e (in d-alpha tocopherol), because just taking d-alpha tocopherol supresses d-gamma tocopherol (or d-delta tocopherol) which is not good for carovascular health. Presumably from deficiency of the other important types of vitamin e?


I just discovered this section! I have been taking piracetam for a couple of weeks and am a beginner at nootropics. I have noticed lately that I am sleeping less than usual, as in a few hours a night. I have always slept irregularly, so I didn’t notice the sleep deficit; it could have been going on for months. I theoretically believe in getting about eight hours of sleep a night, because I think the brain does useful things while one sleeps.

Is this pattern of sleeplessness common or of concern? It isn’t bothering me as of yet. I feel fine.


Happened to me too. I cut down the dosage and don’t take it before 5. The sleep debt adds up slowly. You won’t get tired on it but your thinking gets cloudy.


Neuroflexin - Is it legit? (Nootropics)

Truth be told, Discourse wasn’t the first place I thought to ask on this. Surprisingly, nootropics is a hot topic here. I recently stumbled on something called “Neuroflexin”. I’m apprehensive about it though; it seems to be one of those “ORDER NOW” type of products. I want to find a single product that works well that I can use on occasion which is the reason why an all-in-one solution like Neuroflexin appeals to me.

A few weeks ago, I played with pure ginseng extract shots from GNC, which didn’t seem to have much of an effect on my mental focus focus or energy. (Yes, I’m vey green and someone here rolled their eyes at “ginseng”.) I’m looking for a reasonably priced product that works and does not induce negative side effects. I’d like to know if Neuroflexin fits this bill, or if there’s something better out there.


I read Amazon reviews closely, sorted by most recent, not most useful. I was convinced by a reviewer called Obiburner that this might not be so good. YMMV, as they say.


Dont take anything that is not legit. Heck even some products that are legit are not entirely healthy. So imagine what the products that arent…could do to you.


Keeping it simple with Piracetam + Choline + Bacopa.
Built here: http://trackmystack.com/stacks/cognitive-enhancement/101-Starter-Nootropic-Stack

Choline is on a as needed basis, I also take Krill Oil/Fish Oil for health.