What is your Nootropic Stack?


Question about l-theanine
Any idea on how much l-theanine is in the coffiest? I don’t want to over do it
Planning on adding around 250mg (1/8 tsp) to my 2.0 soylent as that what I have for breakfast daily (Tried coffiest for a few days and did not like the taste, but did like the feeling of l theanine)

What can I add it to?
Can I put it in a can of pepsi?
Sprinkle it on my chicken sandwich?


~150mg of caffeine
(equivalent to approximately a cup and a half of coffee) and
75mg of L-theanine


So 250mg would be overdoing it ya?


Not at all. The recommended dosage is 2:1 for theanine to caffeine, so really you could bump it up to 300mg before the theanine starts to overpower the caffeine (stimulant vs. anxiolytic, guess which is more powerful).

My completely uneducated guess is that the theanine is much lower in Coffiest because it is specifically meant as a breakfast item, which will give you a morning jolt. The 2:1 ratio is better suited for an afternoon kick that isn’t overwhelming (since you’re already wide awake).

Also you can buy capsules. They are more expensive but they will spare you the bitter taste of theanine powder. :confounded:


Already have BulkSupplements Pure L-Theanine Powder.

Seeing it offsets caffeine, what are the effects if you don’t include caffeine?
Again just going to add it to my morning 2.0 and then maybe a pepsi in the afternoon


It is an anxiolytic but not quite a sedative, so in low doses (below 400mg) you won’t feel drowsy, just calm. In higher doses you may be able to use it as a sleeping aid, but there are better options.

Why are you taking theanine, if you don’t mind me asking? For anxiety?


I dont mind
I’m in a high stress job, need to even out my day and focus better


If you’re open to adding (or just reading more about) nootropics and supplements, I would recommend www.Examine.com and www.labdoor.com. Examine goes really deep into pharmacokinetics (blood pressure, stress response etc) and Lab Door does purity testing (heavy metals, actual active ingredients).

As for stores, www.ceretropic.com is one of my favorites. They have a lot of concoctions that you won’t find elsewhere and make almost all of their products from in-house chemists. And their reputation is exceptional. www.powdercity.com is also pretty cool, they mostly sell plant extracts and lesser known supplements (rodiola, ashwaghanda etc). You can always get cheap stuff from Amazon but I’m weary of sellers on there because I’ve bought a lot of other stuff from Amazon (with 5 star ratings) that turned out to be junk.


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