What it's like living on Soylent


I’ve been living on Soylent for almost a year. I do eat solid food on weekends. I had the dreadful gas - my husband would see me coming and open up all the windows. It was foul. Made me think that maybe there might be human parts in the formula. All kidding aside I do have some problems with it: 1) I get an upset stomach on my third glass of the day. 2) I have gained 6 lbs since I’ve been on it. 3) Some days I get a really bout of the runs - with stomach cramps and the whole show. I really like the idea of Soylent. It has kept me from eating poorly. I wish I didn’t suffer from these effects. Any suggestions from folks who have been on it for a while? I’d appreciate words of wisdom. Thanks


Regarding the weight gain - is that a good thing, or an unwanted gain?


Are you maybe drinking too much Soylent each day? That sounds like it could cause all three problems.


I forgot to adjust for the legacy scoop with 1.4 and was eating two scoops per meal which caused some side effects.



What are your eating habits like exactly? Are your consuming an entire pouch of Soylent as your meals throughout the week then whatever on the weekends? Are you treating the weekends as “cheat days”?

So far I haven’t had any stomach pains from Soylent, and I’m on my 5th week of just Soylent with pre/post workout drinks for my exercise routine. So 99% Soylent diet. I’ve lost about 10lbs, but that could be water weight at this point. I haven’t had the runs but I do also add a teaspoon of unflavored metamucil fiber to my day’s mixture, so that may help that issue. If you don’t I would suggest adding some and see if that helps any?


You are writing about “it” as if you react the same to all versions of Soylent. Yet I would guess that you have had all versions, from 1.0 to 1.4. Is that true?


No, I have been mixing up from Soylent 1.3 I have a new batch of 1.4 but I haven’t started that yet. On weekends I eat good! Salads, no meat, fruit and veggies. I don’t eat ‘cheat’ food. I mix up a batch (one envelope) per day, too much? I have gained weight I do not want! I was hoping to lose some weight, not gain it. I don’t work out enough, and after reading some of the comments, maybe that’s what I have to start doing - some serious weight training and cardio. Burn some off.

Thanks for the comments. I’ll try 'em including the metamucil fiber.


The payoff for weight loss is solidly on the side of the ‘less food’ strategy and not the ‘work out’ strategy. Obviously, both are better than none. But it’s incredibly hard to make up for excess calories consumed with increased excersice.

For instance, some quick calculations show the calorie burn is less than 300 calories running 3 miles at a 10min/mile pace, for someone 130-pounds. That’s just over 3-tablespoons of peanut butter. Meaning you could run 3-miles, or not eat the peanut butter (not saying you do) and come out the same in terms of caloric balance. I enjoy running. But even so, I have to admit that not eating peanut butter is a lot easier than running 3-miles.

This example neglects to calculate increase in basal metabolic rate from exercise recovery and increased muscle mass, which surely have effects. Just not very big effects in the short term.

Exercise, focusing on muscle-mass increasing activities. But also, and first, consume fewer calories. Or do whatever works for you; everyone’s a little different in what works for them mentally.


You might hold off on Metamucil when you first start 1.4. It has reduced fiber, which you’d think would be worse for you…but since you’re already having issues with 1.3, it could be better.

Then try adding fiber once you’ve got a few days of regular 1.4 as a baseline. I’d suggest pure ground psyllium husk, not flavored Metamucil. (Metamucil, the brand, might actually make an unflavored product, I’m just not sure.) As another poster said start slow - a teaspoon in a day’s mix, then a teaspoon in each meal, and then a tablespoon, etc.

Metamucil can give some (and me) issues with gas. Since you already have that problem you might also/instead try wheat dextrin, which is what’s in Benefiber. It’s non-fermentable and shouldn’t cause the issues that psyllium/Metamucil occasionally does.


I clearly like peanut butter more than you do. :yum:


Somedays I agree. Had to edit that part - I reread it in your quote and realized I couldn’t figure out if actually made sense. A sort of triple negative.


I’ve been eating mostly Soylent (I eat vegetables and fruits too sometimes) since January and my stomach has been a lot happier on it. The only negative side effect I’ve had with it was the weaponized gas. Awful stuff. That seems to have calmed though.

One thing I have noticed with Soylent is that my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have gotten a lot better, which is nice.


Glad to hear about your blood pressure and cholesterol levels having gotten a lot better. Since I have gained 7 (unwanted lbs.) I was too nervous to have my cholesterol checked. It’s always been on the high end, but I don’t want to give up my Soylent, so now maybe I’ll brave it and have that pesky cholesterol checked! Thanks for the comment.


Don’t forget, however, that you also need a certain amount of calories; if you get too few your body will stop burning fat.

300 calories of peanut butter isn’t a problem is that 300 calories fits within your BMR, and can even be a good thing if you’re 300 calories short of “enough.”

It’s really, really hard to lose fat by just controlling calories. If you’re too sedentary, creating that deficit means eating so few calories you feel like you’re starving and you’re more likely to be miserable and end up gorging yourself the first chance you get.

You really need to eat enough calories to be close to your BMR, then exercise to create a deficit.


I’ve been on about varied amounts of soylent for many months, varying from 30-60% but generally around half my daily intake is soylent on average.

With 1.3 I found that If i didn’t make sure that I blend the soylent (i use a blender) really thoroughly before pouring I go an minor upset stomach from the first glass. I deduced it was likely from getting most of the oil in one serving and not having a gall bladder any longer.

With 1.4 I’ve learned to ensure its thoroughly blended to ensure the texture isn’t overly thick, esp on the 2nd or 3rd and last serving. I have no issues with my guts on the 1.4; what issues i have are taste and i’m not shy about mixing it with things, like a milk shake (lol), coffee, yogurt and simple coffee creamer.

I’ve also learned that 1.4 is less forgiving to temperature. If 1.3 got a little warm it was still ok over ice but 1.4 once it warms up (say in my glass) it just keeps tasting stronger and stronger… and heavens forbid i forget my Thermos in the car a few hours when i come home from work (pheww).

I recently had to take real food for lunch at work (due to a stinky thermos that wasn’t ready for use) and i had an upset tummy for about an hour after eating, lol.