What I've learned to expect from Soylent over the years

  • Expect change

  • Expect more or less gas depending on version{s}

  • Expect there to be powder left over in the bag after dumping it in the pitcher and that I will still be getting all the nutrients I need

  • Expect the pitcher to scratch

  • Expect to clean both gaskets in the lid or I will suffer the consequences

  • Expect things to gradually and consistently improve with the taste, formula, customer experience etc

  • Expect not to like absolutely everything about every version that comes out

  • Expect to feel better and save a boatload of time


I’m impressed that you’ve had Soylent for years… :wink:


Maybe he is patient zero. :stuck_out_tongue:


More like patient negative! LOL


Maybe, I think its about how you look at it. I think of it as like his mantra so he doesn’t get upset :slight_smile:


Maybe it was supposed to be “year” instead of “years”?


Could be. I was actually just mentioning today that we’re coming up on 1 year with Soylent.


2014-2015 technically years


Those are both years yes, but the duration of elapsed time between, say May of 2014 and March of 2015, would not be more than a single year so… :slight_smile:


What I’ve learned to expect from Soylent over the year/s…


It wouldn’t be the internet if a bunch of anonymous people weren’t arguing over trivialities of a language that many of them don’t even natively speak…


I knows how to talk good.


It’s nose. Get it right.


He is a space and time traveler and is talking about Soylent 3.2.
That explains the years business.


Lol this cracked me up. Yea people don’t be babies please. We are meal replacement pioneers!