What keeps you fuller longer 1.7 or 2.0?

Might be jumping back in…But 2.0 doesn’t keep me very full so I’m considering 1.7…thanks

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Are we given options to select a preferred version? I’ve heard people mention 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, and 2.0. All I’m aware is how many bottles/flavors or bags can be purchased at once, but I haven’t noticed an option to choose between 1.5-2.0. Thanks…

For me from most full to least: Coffiest > Powder > 2.0 > Nectar > Cacao


Powder keeps me satiated longer.

Nope. Each new powder version has replaced the previous one. All powder versions so far have been numbered 1.something; the currently-available powder is version 1.7.

Some people do sell second-hand powder on here.

2.0 is the only liquid version released so far, although flavour/drug variations of it (Coffiest, Cacao and Nectar) are also available.


For me powder seems to keep me full longer. That is probably because I drink 3 times a day for powder (667kcal each) instead of 5 times for 2.0 (400kcal each). My guess is that powder still might win be me much closer if I drank the same amount of kcal for each. Much to lazy to try this. :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, your body often mistakes hunger for thirst


Your body may also mistake thirst for hunger. :wink:


I also find 1.7 more satiating than 2.0.

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Anyone with chem lab care to compare solid mass of the two?

My body sometimes mistakes mild hunger for a desire to eat all the crisps in the world.


Crisps only exist on your island nation. Guess to some that is the “world”.

I’m fairly sure I’ve seen them elsewhere.


1.7 seems to be more satisfying, it is a lot more liquid. At least how I make it.

Maybe in British novelty shops and pubs.

Nope. Do you have an issue with crisps, or are you confused by the fact that different languages (like American English) have different words for things? (I believe Americans call crisps “potato chips”.)


For me, if only drinking 2.0, I need about 7 bottles…I’m just a normal size guy…

I thought powder kept me “fuller longer” but I’m not sure anymore.

4 bottles of 2.0 a day does me fine, just drink plenty of water, I’m 190lbs