What lab tests before starting Soylent?


Forgive me as I’m sure this has been mentioned before (I went back quite a ways) but I was wondering what lab tests I should request if I wanted to see some before & after results down the road after starting Soylent? I am with Kaiser, if that matters.


i was wanting to do this too, i work in the oil field and basically eat fast food all day, so im sure things will change quite a bit as far as health is concerned


I’m not sure what your insurance will cover, but I’d recommend the following as a minimum baseline.

-Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: This is get you an outline of liver and kidney function and show any sort of general issues.

-Lipid Panel: Cholesterol etc.

-I’d probably go ahead and get a thyroid panel too. If you’re worried about your immune system then get a CBC (Complete Blood Count) as well.

A lot of doctors will do all these tests yearly as part of a wellness exam (especially if asked) and it’s usually covered by insurance.


Thank you very much!


Good linkage here too:


Healhonelabs for anyone else. Thanks for the link!