What month's orders are shipping?


Last I knew, orders from August 2014 were being shipped. Are we at September 2014 yet? That’s when I ordered my Soylent.


Correct; we’re still at August; at least nothing later has been announced.


Does Soylent just go down the list? I ordered a 2 week supply on the 4th of August but have not heard anything yet. I know there are delays and order mismanagement. Just looking for a good time to send in an email to info@

Thanks for the input. Can’t wait to see if Soylent will work for me!


My opinion (as just another customer with no inside knowlege) is that you should wait untill you see a notice here that August shipments are over before assuming there is a problem with your order. I personally achieved happiness by assuming they had stolen my money and I would never receive anything – then it finally showed up and was excellent!


Has there been a notice that all July orders have shipped? It doesn’t seem to be a completely chronological process. It’s my impression that some August orders have shipped but that they haven’t yet shipped all July orders… ?

Today is my 5 month order anniversary. I seem to recall a wait of “4-5 months” at the time of my order on August 19th. I haven’t heard a peep from RL since my order confirmation 5 months ago.


I ordered on Aug 5th and haven’t heard anything yet either. I was guessing they went down the list and might have missed mine, but seeing as to how we are in the same boat I’ll wait until they say they are done with August before assuming there is a problem


Yes, as I recall, it was announced that all July orders were shipped. (Then there were some reports that some July orders had been missed.)


Correction… Just got an e-mail from RL confirming my address (and implying the shipment will be made on Wednesday 1/28/15). Oh goodie! :smile:


Yup, I got mine too, ordered in early August. Praise Soylent!


Same for me.
It was second official email regarding my order. (it was several answers on my questions meanwhile).

I think it will be nice to send once per month updates to all post-August orders stating realistic hopes.

At least acknowledge that “you made it! one months of waiting past, due to queue in front of you, we expect more 3.5 months of waiting”.

If I wouldn’t have account here and already forgot about my order - it will be a surprise email for me. This is not a good marketing strategy to allow customers to forget about you.


They still have not shipped the May orders… I felt being ripped off so bad almost 100 bucks for first time customer and even after a year, they ignore your emails, orders and time. Please let me know if anyone in may’s order is still not receiving their orders.


You should definitely have received it months ago. Tag @Soylent and hopefully you’ll get a response here.