What questions would you like ask on the soylent survey?

Hey guys, We are making a new survey here for those, who have already tried it.
We have made most of it. I want to know, which questions are you interested in before we launch it?

For male users, I’d want to ask if they’ve noticed any changes to libido. A better, more data-driven question would be to ask about changes in levels of testosterone in the body, but few testers will have gotten tested for that - so I’d ask about libido instead.

I’ve personally experienced a correlation between the amount of fat in my diet and my libido, and there are some studies that have shown a correlation between a lack of saturated fat in the diet and lower testosterone levels.

I understand that Soylent lacks saturated fat because high amounts of saturated fat increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, but I’d still be curious to hear about Soylent-users experiences with this issue.

  1. +1 on the libido question.

  2. If the user was attempting to gain weight by using Soylent, were they successful? Conversely if they wanted to lose weight, did it help them in that goal.

  3. Does it cause unusual gas, or unusual body odor or breath etc.

Qualitative changes:

  1. Acne, skin quality, breakouts
  2. How tired while waking up
  3. Sleepiness during the day
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  • % of Soylent meals/Muggle meals
  • Weekly time spend mixing
  • Social impact: reaction from family, coworkers, roommates…
  • For people going 100% Soylent (or almost) how easy to switch back to normal, and back to Soylent.

Bumping this up for @inquirerer.

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For those who have the data, any changes to internal body fat %ge after 1.4 and 1.5?