What Replacement oils are you using?


What is a good plant based oil in replacement for fish oil. I’m planning on using flaxseed oil at the moment, but I am wondering if there are any plant based oils blends that are going to contain all three omega 3 fatty acids (ALA, EPA, DHA)?


There are none. The only plant-source of DHA is algae, and there is no plant source of EPA. Also while ALA can theoretically be converted by human metabolism into EPA and DHA, the conversion rate is extremely low as this excerpt from the following journal article describes: “More specifically, most studies in humans have shown that whereas a certain, though restricted, conversion of high doses of ALA to EPA occurs, conversion to DHA is severely restricted. The use of ALA labelled with radioisotopes suggested that with a background diet high in saturated fat conversion to long-chain metabolites is approximately 6% for EPA and 3.8% for DHA. With a diet rich in n-6 PUFA, conversion is reduced by 40 to 50%.” http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9637947


What about krill oil? (I know it’s not plant-based, but it’s lower down the food chain.)

For various reasons you’d want to take it as a softgel supplement rather than mixing it with the Soylent, and it’s very spendy, but would a combination of krill-oil supplements and some non-canola oil work out?