What Response Did You Receive From Your Doctor When You Told Them You Were Drinking/Taking Soylent?

I started drinking Soylent (2.0 bottles) sort of “under the table” in regards to not informing my doctor that I’ve started using Soylent. On top of my regular doctor, I also haven’t informed the doctor at the weight loss clinic I’ve been going to yet. I’ve been to see them more than my regular doctor and recently started Soylent between visits.

I’m really hesitant to even tell either of them for fear that they’ll talk bad about it or try to sway me otherwise. “You should eat real food, made with xyz and not rely on…” blah blah blah. I saw another post in Discourse about “Soylent Friendly Doctors” but there weren’t many responses that amounted to anything - no one had actual references to what their doctors had to say about it.

As I’ve mentioned on another thread, I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I’m 5ft 9 and had been floating around 240lbs before last week. I’m currently sitting at 234.6 as of the current time I’m writing this post. With only 1 bottle a day (so far) and regular foods, I’ve started to see a change in my overall well-being/feeling as well as my weight with roughly 1lb a day in loss.

I’m due back in at the weight loss clinic next Wednesday and I feel that they are going to be surprised when I weigh in. I’ve had so much trouble with losing weight (been going to the clinic since January with no real marked results) and then boom… I’ve lost weight, and a decent amount to start.

I’m really hesitant to even tell them I’ve started Soylent because of all the stigma I’ve seen about using Soylent (mostly in other forums/places) and am debating on just simply telling them “a meal replacement shake” and leave it at that.

Another thing I should mention (for what it’s worth), I’m located in North Carolina. We are smack dab in the middle of the clasp of the bible belt so if you do anything different than what’s considered their normal, you are looked at as strange or it becomes some big controversy.

So tell me, what have been your experiences with doctors and their responses to when they found out you were using Soylent. If it was negative, how did you overcome that?


My doctor seemed indifferent about Soylent itself, but happy about my weight loss on it.

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I haven’t told my Kaiser doctors and I don’t intend to. I would tell a doctor I had if I had a doctor who I really trusted. I seem to be in pretty good health in general and my doctors are not prying about what food I’m eating so I don’t really have a reason to tell them. I’ve been about 70 to 90% Soylent for 3 years.

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I told my doctor and she was totally cool with it.

Unless you have a reason to tell them, then it doesn’t really matter, specially since you are not doing 100% Soylent either. Would be much cooler to reach your weight goal and then tell them how you did it :slight_smile:


I’ve had a “weird” diet my entire life, with absolutely everyone around me from friends to teachers, parents, etc. being absolutely certain I was gonna die or be horribly malnourished or whatever. Surprisingly, the only ones who weren’t freaked out by it, were doctors. Then again they were actually looking at and recording my health stats and seeing there was no problem so… I guess that makes sense.

We basically avoid “conventional” doctors like the plague but have told our chiropractors and other similar health workers about it, and have had only positive responses. I would say the worst response has been neutral indifference. But then they tend to be more into “alternative” stuff to begin with so… might not be an ideal comparison.

I agree that it’s probably best to just make massive strides on your weight loss goals, and only when pressed do you bother to reveal anything about Soylent. And make no apologies as you owe none to anyone. Your body, your diet, your choice. You’re presumably a grown adult and very capable of making decisions for yourself, and IMO you’ve made a good one here. :wink:

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I, like @vanclute, have always had a “weird” diet. More “bad” than “weird” in my case. I never told my doctor about how bad my diet was. That being said, last year, I did tell my current doctor that I was 90% liquid diet. She had never heard of Soylent but didn’t say anything against it. After we got back the results for my blood test, she just left a short comment to “continue with Soylent”. This was a new doctor for me. I would have found another doctor if she had handled it differently. She correctly, didn’t say Soylent was bad without any evidence, and when she had evidence, she didn’t used it correctly.

You said you are averaging “roughly 1lb a day in loss”. That sounds like WAY too much weight lose. I think you have to burn around 3600 calories to lose 1 pound. I live on about 2200 calories a day so I would have to not eat -and- do a bunch of exercise to even come close to that. I believe a number of people noticed some early weight lose and then leveling out when they started Soylent. That being said, I think Soylent is brilliant for weight loss and I think you are on the right track.


Conventional doctors are what worry me in this regard (my weigh loss clinic doctor is a doctor, not a nurse practitioner). They like to throw pills at everything and are all about the money. With the clinic, I’m supposed to keep a food diary and turn it in at my next visit (next Wednesday) so I may just make something up in the place of my Soylent bottle in the morning (I know- that’s bad) just to avoid conflict.

I’m 33 years old, 34 next month :slight_smile:

As far as my daily routine, I wake up, fix a bottle of Soylent (I drink the original and add chocolate drink powder that I got from the clinic - link to what it is/nutritional value: https://www.healthwisenri.com/shop/product/chocolate_drink_shake_shake) to make it taste like a chocolate shake. I drink that and am usually good until dinner and I eat a decent dinner. With the weather and how hot it’s been (I’m in North Carolina) and all the outdoor work I’ve been doing or stuff out in the heat in general, I think that has made me lose like a pound a day. Since starting on Soylent, I’ve found that I’ve been drinking more water when I used to be a sweet tea addict. I would drink a gallon in 2 days or less. 3 tea bags steeped and 1 cup of sugar so it wasn’t super sweet but still sweet.

I have a fitbit one as well as a fitbit Aria scale.
Picture below is a one week span with the lowest point being 231.6lbs yesterday. It’s still fluctuating, but steadily decreasing. (Started Soylent on Sunday)

I know I’m not getting as many calories as I should but I can’t force myself to eat if that makes sense. I’ll probably be switching to 2 bottles a day on Monday since I’ll be going out of town solo to make things easier.

I feel I am on the right track though. Thanks for your responses so far!

I think in that case, you should be honest, just put no reason to worry about it. Not like they can stop you from eating Soylent, and if they scold you for it, you only learned they aren’t smart enough for your best.


Yeah, that’s a valid point.

I haven’t had a doctor be concerned about it. I’ve had a couple of oral procedures over the last few years and the surgeons all thought it was pretty cool I wouldn’t have adjustments to make eating during recovery. My primary care physician (former–she just moved away) was cool with it as well.


My family doctor was skeptical, but mostly just wanted to see whether my levels of various things in my blood were within normal (they were better than before soylent) and when she received the lab results, she told me to drink as much of it as I wanted to.

My psychiatrist wondered about the psychological effects of not chewing/eating/cooking, and when I told her I hadn’t stopped chewing (at the time I was eating a lot of Soylent Bars), and that I could still eat with friends, etc., and that I wasn’t cooking much beforehand anyway, she relaxed some. She hasn’t really mentioned it or brought up my diet again.

They’re both very good doctors in their specialties (it took me a while to get two doctors I like who are also level headed, analytical, and holistic in their thinking as regards my wellness).

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This is random: Yesterday I went out playing Pokemon Go, because they’d started gym raids for Legendary Pokemon. (Jargon jargon it just means a lot of social cooperative play at random locations you get to/meet up at.)

At my first raid, on foot, I met another player who was driving and had room in his car, so we drove around town the next two hours getting to other raids. When he was driving me back at the end, he mentioned he needed a burrito, and I said I’d be having a Soylent.

My new friend was a gastroenterologist. He’d never heard of Soylent, but some of his patients drink Ensure when they can’t manage anything else. He was excited to hear about something actually nutritionally balanced, and was going to look it up when he got home so he could tell his patients about it!


My doctor/physician, a young male if it makes a difference, was also cool with it, I think partly because he knows other patients (university students) who eat Soylent. He was somewhat reserved about making any comments, which suggests that maybe he is somewhat skeptical, but his basic response was ‘if it works for you’.

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She was very interested, and said she would go home and research it.

It helps that she’s a vegan, so she’s already familiar with alternative diets, but I haven’t seen any resistance so far from her.

I haven’t been to a doctor for a while, but my coworkers all think I am an idiot! LOL

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Well, I’ll find out tomorrow what they have to say about it. (Printing off my food diary from MyFitnessPal and taking it in).

I think my “fear” is that they’ll turn their nose up at it and balk at the idea of me using the product since it’s not “real” food and the general stigma behind it (no thanks to Soylent Green) etc.

I’m hovering right at 230lbs with 1 bottle a day and regular food. At my last appointment on 7/15 I weighed in at 236. I’ve fluctuated back and forth a little bit since then (but haven’t been back above 236lbs since then. I’m so happy! :smiley:

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So I went to my appointment. Lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks, weighed in at 230.8 (roughly the same weight as my last post). I documented everything in MyFitnessPal (including Soylent) and prepared for the skepticism.

She didn’t know what Soylent was and complained about how many grams of sugar are in Soylent. She was, however quite perplexed though at how I managed to lose 5lbs since my last visit based on my food diary. I explained to her what Soylent was and how it was had a complete nutrient profile and how it helped me stay feeling full - longer.

She tried to convince me that I needed to try a different shake with more protein and less sugar (she says 3 grams of sugar a day is what I’m supposed to have - per their guidelines). She suggested Premier Protein which, to me, is god awful gross. (Purchased a 6 pack of them and gagged at the first sip it was so gross, ended up tossing the rest). She asked if there was a reduced sugar or sugar free Soylent and if I could switch to that. Is the sugar in Soylent really all that bad?? It’s not like eating tablespoons of table sugar is it?

I think I’ll keep going on the track I’m going and figure out how to limit my sugar intake on other things. I’ll go back in 2 weeks and see if I perplex them again.


Keep in mind there are things in Soylent that are required to be labeled as “sugar” when they aren’t really what most people think of as sugar. Others can speak to this much better than I but I wanted to start the conversation on the topic at least.

Here’s one past thread on the subject…

Otherwise though, sounds like you’re off to a good start with allowing your data to speak for itself.


Thank you for that information. I’ve only been able to look through the threads on Discourse on a somewhat limited time scale and haven’t seen that thread yet. I’ll take a gander at it and bring it up at the next appointment.

I can only hope she went home after working at the clinic and researched Soylent. lol

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