What Response Did You Receive From Your Doctor When You Told Them You Were Drinking/Taking Soylent?


Me: “I’ve been tired recently, but it might be my diet.” [1]
Doctor: "What’s your diet like?"
Me: "Have you heard of Soylent?"
Doctor: "No."
Me: "It’s a food replacement powder you mix with water and consume instead of normal food."
Doctor: "Why are you doing this to yourself?"
Me: "I lost my ability to taste years ago, so I have a really hard time eating enough."
Doctor: “If it works for you…”

[1] It ended up being sleep apnea and slightly low iron.


Wow sleep apnea can make you tired? Who knew! LOL

I find it weird and amusing that the doctor asked you why you were “doing this to yourself” without any indication that you had any problem with or dislike of it. It just seems to always be assumed that anyone who would intentionally choose Soylent must be a masochist. smh


Serious question: you write that at times you “have a continual craving for chocolate, cheese and bread, for reasons I don’t understand.”

How is that possible if you lost your taste years ago?

(Is it because those tastes are strong enough to get through your 4-inch black-and-white fuzzy television?)


God could you imagine craving stuff like that then not being able to taste it even if you ate it? That’s a special kind of hell to me.


Why is their recommended sugar intake that low? Even the American Heart Association’s maximum recommendation is over 8 times that. An apple has more sugar than a bottle of Soylent…
Maybe you should get a second opinion?



I’m not sure to be honest. It’s the guidelines that they came up with with the target range of daily intake. They gave me a sheet when I first started and subsequently lost it. With the outline on that sheet of paper, it’s helping people re-learn how to eat better and move towards losing weight. They are going to scrutinize everything you eat as most doctors do, especially when it comes to losing weight.

I don’t have any issues with them other than some of their food intake guidelines are a bit much but it’s working for others and I’m finally losing weight. :slight_smile:


What’s funny is that I taste far more stuff than I SHOULD be able to taste, considering that I never had any smell ability, ever. But then I am also deaf, I think that left a ton of room in brain or something, as I taste far more, and my visual area is quite a bit bigger than average.

I still remember taking test with guys on sides, I had to look at paper carefully and ignore other guys paper and not accidentally cheat off them. It was annoying. People walking by door with small window when I was watching interpreter was also annoying distraction.

I haven’t talked with doctor about soylent so whenever this happens I would post in here.


Good question. I’m not sure. Chocolate is definitely strong enough, but cheese and bread is weirder. I wonder if I blind-folded myself, would I be able to substitute cheese and bread for noodles and oil? I’ll have to try and see if they’re both as effective.


I have been drinking Soylent for 80 to 90% of my calories for 3 years. My doctor said not to drink Soylent more than once a day. She didn’t provide any particular reason for making this recommendation. I didn’t listen. I get my blood tested and analyzed by this doctor every six months, and my results have been great. I stopped taking cholesterol medicine and my doctor was ok with that due to the blood test results - which I achieved through Soylent. The only item which initially came out low on the blood tests was vitamin D so I take a supplement for that: D-3 at 2000 IU per day.

I don’t mention Soylent directly to the doctor anymore because I don’t want to hear the lecture regarding not consuming it too often. She doesn’t ask about it but I believe she realizes I’m still drinking it. I do tell the nurse I’m still drinking it.

I can’t say for certain someone won’t discover some new vitamin that is missing from Soylent. But I’m happy with my results, and I would have never been able to achieve a healthy diet without Soylent.


Sadly true, I work at a non-profit and we half 6 ‘staff’ nurses who are difficult at best (tending toward just rude most of the time), have horrible health habits (obese, eat greasy fast food, chain smoke) and do not stay informed.

When I started going to my new doctor I purposely focussed on finding someone younger, and with some sports medicine in their practice and this paid off.


Yes; I can’t help noticing that much of the staff at Kaiser is obese. I am not really criticisizing them for that, but it makes me believe that the health industry doesn’t have the answer to health problems such as obesity. (Neither does RF, judging by an unverified report about Rob’s obesity). I have an acquaintance who worked for Weight Watchers for years who recently died at 60, essentially of obesity.


where is anything about robs obesity? the last time i saw pictures of him about a year ago he was plenty skinny


he looks kinda like the guy from halt and catch fire there, yes certainly looks chubby


i did some googling on the image to make sure it wasnt doctored myself, seems legit. but i didnt see anything mentioning the weight gain, i kinda thought that would have been brought up in the articles



well you dont like the product anyway so see ya, no reason for you to be here


i just got my lab results back from blood work, everything looked great except he wants to optimize my testosterone and vitamin d, they were still in acceptable levels but in the mid to low range of that. what surprised me most was my liver numbers were normal, i am/was a heavy drinker, the last 3 months ive been on 90-95% soylent 2.0 so im glad to know with soylent as my main source of food that nothing is out of whack.


How do you optimize your testosterone?


i got hormone replacement therapy, testosterone pellets inserted in my hip, https://www.biotemedical.com/ will tell you more, it takes up to 3 weeks to start feeling the benefits so i cant give any updates yet because its only been 5 days, all i feel is a bit sore from the injection so far


I hope that works out for you @antiman77, I looked at the site and thought I could benefit from it as well. The nearest provider is only 160 miles away. Probably not going to happen.