What scale(s) are you using?


I’m using an Ozeri 5250 g x 1 g kitchen scale for making large batches, and an American Weigh 20 g x 0.001 g scale for whenever I need milligram accuracy.

They’re both working out pretty well, but it’s slightly annoying that the Ozeri uses lithium batteries. I came close to buying this Soehnle instead, which looks awesome and uses AAAs. I use a different Soehnle at work, and I would highly recommend it if you need something that goes up to 15 kg, and don’t mind a larger footprint.

I’m finding that it would be nice to have a midrange scale too, with 0.1 or 0.01 g accuracy. Sometimes I want to make a small batch, like one day or a single meal’s worth, and it’s awkward having to choose between grams and milligrams. Does anyone have a 0.1/0.01 g scale they like?


I make it a day at a time, and I’ve been using this American Weigh 100g x 0.01 g pocket scale. A sidenote, though: I haven’t really needed this since I first figured out my formula. It’s easier to measure things out volumetrically (tsp, tbsp, cups, etc.) on a day-to-day basis, so I just used the scale to weigh out my ingredients once and then figured out how much volume they occupied for future reference.

(I wonder what percentage of American Weigh’s revenue is supplied by drug dealers.)


I don’t know, but it’s about to go way down : D


haha. when i saw this, i almost chimed in, “a withings scale” (which, i love for tracking purposes).

but, for my micros (or really, just my nootropics), i’m have a givesurprise measuring spoon

but i don’t recommend it.

i got this american weigh gemini

and i just adore it.


I use the AC-100 for all of my micro’s; A very nice pocket 0.01g scale.
Starfrit Slim Glass Kitchen Scale for my macro’s. Easy to clean and was on sale for 75% off.