What seems to be rapid muscle growth? Any one else experiencing this


Been on official soylent 99% of the time for the past two weeks (woo!) and I have lost about 20 pounds and about 3/4" off of my waist in that time period. One thing I have noticed aside from the weight loss and waist size is that my muscles are getting significantly bigger. Someone suggested that maybe I am just losing fat and is making me seem more tone however I don’t believe them because I am finding out I have muscles where I never knew I had them. Is anyone else experiencing this kind of growth? Is it something I should be worried about?


Wow, this is awesome. I don’t know about the muscle gain so fast, but that’s great news that you are getting in shape. Efficiency 100% I can’t wait to start my Soylent soon.


2 weeks is too short a period to tell something like that. Waist size can be combination of less volume of the food and fat loss. Unless you excersise also, then it would be mainly fat loss. (Unless you have the very very very rare genetic mutation where you have awesome muscle growth without doing anything.


Definitely fat loss. Fat hides muscles; pretty much everybody on earth has a great 6-pack, for example, but you can’t see it because there’s usually a layer of rubbery goo on top. As you lose fat you will look much stronger every time.

You might not think you ever had these muscles before, but how would you know since there was fat on top in the past?

Congratulations by the way. I think you have the result that everybody is hoping for!