What should you not eat when on Soylent?


Hi, I am excitedly awaiting my first shipment of Soylent in August. While waiting, I am keeping up on the forum learning as much as I can from all the smart folks who can make this themselves. My question is, while getting all of the necessary nutrients while primarily on Soylent, are there any foods that you should avoid eating which might result in an overdose of something? For instance, if I go out and eat a big steak, would that put me over my Iron limit and is this dangerous at all? Any others that are worth considering? Thanks.


Just get into a barfight after your steak and bleed a bit, and you will be fine.

No, really:
A balanced diet is fine. If you only have your steak once a week in addition to Soylent, you should have no problem.
The only thing I would stay away from is foods that contain much of a nutrient with a low UL.

For example, Magnesium has the same RDA and UL. If you get the RDA from Soylent, you should stay away from these: http://www.healthaliciousness.com/articles/foods-high-in-magnesium.php

Niacin - RDA: 16mg - UL: 35mg. Stay away from these: http://www.healthaliciousness.com/articles/foods-high-in-niacin-vitamin-B3.php

Sodium: That one is a bit obvious

and so on


So while on Soylent one should, according to those lists avoid dark leafy greens (salads), nuts and seeds, fish, beans and lentils, whole grains, avocados, low-fat dairy, bananas, bran, fish, peanuts, chicken, sun dried tomatoes, bacon…jesus anything else?

This is an unreasonable amount of things to avoid. The promotion of Soylent encourages people to “enjoy eating as a leisure activity when you want to” but how exactly is one supposed to do this if they must avoid all of the above foods? Even raw vegans have more options than that. Can you imagine being out with friends and everyone wants to go grab a bite? Sorry guys I’m on Soylent so I pretty much can’t eating anything that casts a shadow at the moment.


Maybe I should express it differently, I wasn’t very clear - sorry! :slight_smile:

You can eat anything you want, as long as you do it in moderation. If in addition to your Soylent you eat 5 bananas every day, you WILL overdose on Potassium and Manganese.

If though in addition to your Soylent you eat one banana, one chocolate muffin, a sausage and a vanilla yogurt each day, you shouldn’t have any problems.


That is much more reasonable! Can you please address my concerns in the other thread “Low Fat Soylent”? I expressed similar concerns there in terms of introducing normal food.


Hah, already did.

As so often, at this time I will point out that I’m just stating my opinion/that this is my understanding of things. I am in the second month of my own Soylent and am also working with a number of other people, but I’m not affiliated to the Soylent Corporation.
Don’t take my word for theirs! :smiley:


Thanks @CuriousBen, this is more the answer I was looking for. I have no interest to figure out how much of stuff I am ingesting and whether I will be OD’ing or not. I do try to stay out of bar fights as much as possible these days. Basically, I was raising the question with a single meal in mind, not 5 bananas at a time. I know that most of you do actually eat regular food during the week and was just wondering if you compensate in any way to avoid the OD or if that is anything to worry about.