"What Soylent is trying to replace (and what it isn’t)"


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The post expounds upon the tweet from a few days ago by Benedict Evans, who is a VC at Andreessen Horowitz. (the firm which invested seed and Series A capital in Soylent)


I mean, he can eat canned Vienna sausages if he really wants to…

(I had no clue that they even existed)


It is silly that people that don’t hate Soylent feel compelled to say “Here are the meals it’s meant to replace” and then point to a bad meal. There are a million different kinds of food. Before Soylent came along very few if any aimed to feed people a healthy, cheap, convenient meal if they were willing to give up the sensory experience. Anyone that wants to eat healthy, cheap and fast without caring about the sensory stuff should consider using Soylent regardless of what they’d eat if Soylent didn’t exist.

It’s ridiculous that people feel like they have to apologize for using Soylent. The entire food industry should be the one apologizing for giving us 4,000 different kinds of Hot Pockets and 40,000 different ways to prepare chicken when all the awhile we had zero ways to eat healthy, cheap and fast.


I agree with you. The linked tweet above starts with “Soylent does not replace the meal you spend an hour cooking.”…when in fact I very much want it to replace that type of meal to give me that hour of my life back.

(Note: Likely much more than an hour, given the shopping, driving, prepping/cooking, and cleaning up for.)


Yeah, Soylent replaces that meal for me too. Breakfast only took a few minutes to begin with, so that’s still traditional food. But supper? I have work and school to worry about; I don’t have 2 to 3 hours to waste on meal prep and cleanup every day! That’s also the most expensive meal of the day, so I’m saving a lot of money with Soylent too. The meals in between breakfast and supper really depend on what’s going on with my day. I don’t eat canned sausages, but I still like my $3 frozen pizza; Soylent isn’t replacing that, since the time and money commitment is so similar anyway.

That said, Soylent does not replace Thanksgiving dinner or other family gatherings/dinner parties/food-oriented social events, which seems to be what a lot of people are scared of. “Family dinner” has never been a daily occurrence for me, since my parents had different work schedules growing up and now I just live with my roommate who is on a “no food after 3pm” diet.


I love this quote. :slight_smile:

But yeah, like it or not, we still have to explain it to people. That’s generally how it goes with anything remotely revolutionary. :wink: