What supplements will provide ALL of the oil's value?


NOTE: We have decided to add Canola oil after all, so this request isn’t really valid any longer.

I’m trying to find a supplement that will provide everything that is needed by adding oil. Adding any actual oil to the Soylent mixture is not an option, but we haven’t been able to find a supplement that actually has everything. Can anyone recommend one (and to perhaps state the obvious, nothing animal based)?


Perhaps not a direct answer to your question, but the items suggested by Soylent are:


Right, the point in my post is specifically that adding actual oil is not an option.


u need some oil at least. Why is oil not an option? Heck u can get soybean oil tastes if nothing and just neck it easily enough.
You need
Saturated fat (some is needed)
Polyunsaturated fat
Monounsaturated fat
Omega 3 and 6

So start looking at fat products but I doubt your going to find any pill or powder that gives you your fats


Oil is just not an option, doesn’t matter why. So we need capsule/gelcap supplements, or I suppose another powder would suffice if there is such a thing. The omegas are easy, the DHA and EPA are proving to be the difficult components.


DHA and EPA are types of Omegas? How can omegas be easy but DHA and EPA be hard?

It’s hard to know what you mean by oil not being an option. The very supplements you’re looking for are oils (Vitamin E, for example, is something you get from the oil blend and is an oil in and of itself, the Omegas are fatty acids, etc.). If you mean in gel cap form, high quality Omega pills will have high DHA/EPA. I’m not too aware of non-fish oil sources, so I won’t be much help on that. Vitamin E and K comes in gelcap form.


Are the Ovega-3 gel caps not sufficient for your needs? They specifically claim to be an algae-based DHA/EPA provider.


In my DIY recipe I use a bunch of flaxseed meal, but not enough to completely offset the oil component.


It means just that - adding oil to the Soylent mix is not an acceptable option. Something in supplement capsule form is fine, but adding actual oil to the mix itself is not acceptable.

My understanding (it’s my partner who is doing this research, I’m just the forum communicator) is that the quantities of DHA/EPA are so small that we would have to consume huge quantities of the supplements, and the cost would be astronomical. These supplements are designed to be just that - supplements, and not to replace your entire requirement of the elements in them. So if you are looking to do that, then the amounts you have to take get huge.

With the Ovega 3s, by my calculations it would require about 10 gelcaps to get the daily EPA dose, and about 20 to get the daily DHA dose. So even if I’m fine with taking so many capsules and could somehow get the DHA amount without doubling up on the EPA amount, at about $0.25 per capsule that works out to over $5 per day per person just in supplements based on pricing I see at Vitacost.

So impractical and cost prohibitive. Gotta find some other source. Anyone have any to suggest?


It’s confusing because the gelcaps are just encased oil. There’s no need to be patronizing, we’re just trying to clarify.

EPA and DHA are expensive and you don’t find them in very high concentrations. They are the preferred form of Omega 3, but the research on how much clinical effect you see from using them over other forms of the Omegas varies. In my personal research, the only form I could find it in that was a) cost efficient b) of good quality and c) logistically sound was taking a tablespoon of high quality fish oil like a shot. (I used Nordic Naturals) but you want vegan so this is obviously not an option. I’m still not quite sure what you’re trying to do, on one hand you want high enough quantities for your daily intake but the original question is to just replace the value from the oil blend. I’d assume that the items and quantities suggested by the people at Soylent would be sufficient for that.

If you could provide your exact calculations/sources for the numbers, it would be easier to help you and see what you’re doing.


Gotcha, in that case I hope I clarified. The unacceptable part is not oil itself, it’s the blending of oil directly into the Soylent mix.

I’m just trying to come up with what the email from Soylent said was missing from the vegan Soylent:

.77g DHA
1.15 g EPA
48g unsaturated fat

But since I need to come up with these in a supplemental and non-animal form, that’s what prompted the question here.


FWIW (again, not a direct solution to your question) I’m only mixing oil into my morning/evening meals (while I’m at home, have the oil on hand and have access to a Vitamix) and simply use water for the rest of my mid-day meals at work. I only carry a pouch of the powder and a bottle, using water from a cooler we have.

The taste of the oil in the morning/evening meals is more pronounced because of a relatively higher proportion but not objectionable.


I see why you’re having problems, those numbers are rather high. I really doubt that’s right. That’s 1.92g of Omega-3 right there in DHA/EPA form. You usually shoot for 500mg - 1g total, the Nordic Naturals I mentioned have 650mg/450mg respectively per 2 capsules and that was much higher than any other source I found. And fish oil has a much higher concentration than vegetarian sources.


Hmmm… well seeing as these are the numbers from Soylent themselves and are what they are including in every email to every purchaser, it seems that they at least believe these to be the numbers we need to hit.

Can anyone ( @JulioMiles perhaps? ) shed some official light on this?


The Soylent numbers are per-day, are the Nordic Naturals per-day, or per-serving?


You can buy some vegetable tablets (empty), and put the oil in those, and then eat the oil as tablet…
Or just swallow the oil directly …

But best is to blend the oil in in the mixture, what is the problem ? Don’t you like the taste ?
Some vitamins are best absorbed together with fat (vitamin A,D,E,K). So I would defintely put some oil in the soylent. You could take the omega-3/omega-6 oil as supplement, and put some canola oil (doesn’t taste that bad) in the mixture.

There is lectichine in the soylent (if I recall correctly), so it should emulsify nicely into some creamy texture. If not, you could add a little bit raw egg yolk soy lectichin powder to the mixture, the lectichin in raw egg yolk soy lectichin powder is helpfull to make creamy textures.


There’s no such thing as established RDA for DHA/EPA or the Omegas. So ‘per-day’ is a fluid concept. But that is the suggested serving size for a day. If you look at Ovega-3’s numbers, it’s much lower for 1 capsule which is their suggested amount per day (320/130mg).

Also, I apologize for mixing up the order previously. It’s DHA/EPA.


(this discussion is about the vegan version)


Haha good point! Well adding soy lectichin powder could also work, to make a good emulsion, if that what worries you.


The reason is inconsequential, and asking in this situation reminds me a lot of asking “why don’t you just eat real food?” The reasons are our own and don’t matter. I just want to find an alternative solution.

I’d like to get some clarity on the numbers Soylent is sending out, vs. the amounts found in for example the Ovega caps. What’s really needed? Considering everything I’ve read says there are only a very few sources of DHA/EPA, and I made it nearly 40 years in good health without ever consuming any of those sources, or fish of any sort, nor taking any supplements of any kind, I’m kinda leaning towards it not being super critical. But that’s strictly anecdotal and personal experience obviously.