What the heck did Soylent ever do to this lady?

"A tech bro basically rebrands Slimfast as Soylent, for example, and suddenly he is a visionary creating the “food of the future” and getting millions in funding. "

If it were my company and someone at The Guardian was alleging that it was part of a toxic startup culture, I think I’d call my lawyers.


On Twitter she goes a good deal farther and alleges criminal activity.

If the shoe fits for Uber, all right, but I don’t see the connection to Soylent.


The good thing about her comment is that Soylent is becoming so well known that even know-nothings are talking about it!


Gotta get those Soylent clicks in :slight_smile:


There’s plenty to criticize about Uber (I haven’t read this piece). Too bad if she then threw in Soylent as an aside without doing research on it.

I’ve been trying to use Lyft more since all the Uber harassment/abuse allegations came out. Pretty easy to switch.

I use cabs. There’s a decent app for them in my city (I can get a cab in two to four minutes, typically), and taxis are, you know, regulated, which I appreciate.

I’ll check to see if my local cab company has an app or not. Being more of the libertarian persuasion, I generally do not like regulation, though.

My city has its own taxi app, but the Curb app (which I downloaded for when I was in Los Angeles last fall) works in a lot of cities–65, according to their web site.

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Yet another article that has absolutely nothing to do with Soylent but mentions them in order to ride their coattails towards more clicks. It’s just so lazy and dishonest.