What the Ingredients in Coca-Cola and Pepsi Actually Do to Your Body




Saw this as I was literally chugging the last of a can of Coke at my desk…


"Pepsi claimed that the regulations don’t apply to them because most people consume only about a third a can of soda per day "

Ahem? "Pepsi claimed that the regulations don’t apply to them because they are a large corporation with lots of money and are therefore insulated from the laws that are designed to protect the rest of us"

There. FTFY.


yeah, that quote made me double take. What kind of reasoning is that? If I sold a drink one day a year, it can be made out of poison because on average they consume 1/3% of it a day? And why are you putting safety guidelines at average consumption levels, I know for a fact that many people drink multiple bottles per day on a regular basis.


Interesting article (I finally got back to finish reading it). I wasn’t even aware that the aluminum cans were lined with BPA. My only beef is their use of the word “linked” where they really should have used “correlated”. Maybe it’s just me, but “linked” seems to imply causation and, as we all know, correlation != causation. :smiley:


Seems a bit alarmist still:

Sure… but we’re back to chemicals again, for example:

DID YOU KNOW… Sodium Bicarbonate (AKA… er, Baking Soda) can ALSO be used as a sort of fire retardant AND it’s used in (SHOCK HORROR) food!!!

There are some things to take from the article, primarily that despite being the ‘evil evil evil’ mega corporation ‘Coca-cola’, it seems that they give a damn a hell of a lot more than Pepsi does!!!

Who is eviltrout and how were they allowed to edit my post

Another reason I can not wait for soylent, especially after seeing a few of the blogs about having more energy and not feeling the need for caffeine. Right now with my horrible diet and low calorie count I drink about 120 ounces of Coke Zero each day (yes i know that is so horrible for me, just like I knew smoking was bad too) My body is going to go through detox shock when I switch to soylent.


Oh man, you’re in for a world of hurt when you come off caffeine, I too drink a shed load of Coke Zero every day, I experimented with quitting caffeine a couple of times now and it is one of the most painful things I have experienced, to the point that it makes you want to vomit if you just go cold turkey.

The only good news is that it usually only lasts about 24 hours and then it’s gone. Honestly I’ve noticed no difference either having zero or next to zero caffeine and drinking 8 cans a day with regards to energy or feeling tired, I just like the taste.


I tried that once. Very bad idea.

I now have a bag of pure caffeine sitting in my room. I make my own energy drinks sometimes.

I’d really prefer to never need it again, or to just use it rarely for a “pick-me-up”, rather than rely on it every day.


To be honest, once you get past the 24 hour period you are pretty much completely fine and I’ve never found myself craving caffeine, only the taste of Coke Zero.

When I’m off the caffeine it’s not even just ‘easy’ to stay off it, it’s just not even a thing. I quit caffeine to prepare myself for Soylent as I intend to go 100% Soylent + water for at least my initial 3 month order and then see from there. After the delays I ‘got back on’ the caffeine and started experimenting.

This time I’m going to go as long as I can without and then when I feel rough, I’ll have a can and then cold turkey from there to see if it helps stop wanting to vomit or if it just delays it.


I recently went off caffeine. This is a regular thing for me that I do 2-3 times per year because after a while, it loses its effectiveness and I am kind of forced into withdrawals anyway.

Last Sunday I was driving my children back to my ex wife. It is two hours each way. I picked up a Cherry Coke Zero at the gas station where we meet in the middle. Despite constant conversation and ingesting caffeine, I almost fell asleep with my mother in the passenger seat of my car. Ain’t nothing like a 72 year old telling you to get your shit together and being right about it.

I decided enough was enough, time to detox. It is Thursday night and I have had zero caffeine since then.

Monday was horrible. I actually had to take a lunch nap while at work. Hopped in my truck, zonked out for an hour. Barely did anything productive all day. Got home, slept from 6 PM until 8 AM. Still felt like crap. My headache eventually went away late Wednesday. It was on constantly from Sunday until Wednesday, and was HORRIBLE most of that time.

Now I am perfectly fine. No headache, and if I ingest a drink worth of caffeine, it will have a huge effect on me. But at this point I am committed not to drinking it on a regular basis.

My heart rate is normal. Sleep schedule is more normal. Overall I feel better than when I drink it on a regular basis. Does not matter if it is the mystery soda fluid or the cheap office coffee. It still affects me the same: jitters, problems sleeping, and eventual headaches and nausea if I quit after doing it too long.


I stopped drinking beer by stopping drinking beer. I occasionally long for it because the only places open late at night downtown are pubs. But there were no consequences.

Diet Coke, on the other hand, is an actual addiction. It helps with stomach queasiness. So even if I managed to get off it for a few weeks, I still wind up with the physical jones occasionally. At least I’m no longer buying my daily 2-litre.

Coffee I’m less sure about. I have one or two cups a day (the first to get this evening person’s morning started – office work is for larks not owls). I actually enjoy coffee and it’s one of the few public pleasures left.



BTW, the most annoying trope I encounter is the claim that if you put a nail in a bottle of cola it will dissolve. Problem with that is that if I put the same nail in a bottle of stomach acid it would dissolve a lot faster. (I have occasional acid reflux, I know about this.)

Besides I tried the cola experiment and the nail was still there a couple of months later.



the point I generally see about that is your teeth. If you vomit regularly, the stomach acid does a number on your teeth too, but in normal cases it stays in your stomach, whilst the cola has to pass through your mouth


I’m not saying it’s good for you. And the dental hygienist claims to know whether I’m drinking cola. I just get annoyed by bad arguments that say that cola will destroy the stomach lining (which is what the nail story is usually meant to “prove”).

BTW, after twenty years with no dental visits and a two litre a day habit, when I finally went to a dentist I didn’t actually have cavities. I still don’t get them. I have really good genetics that way, unlike my poor brother.



I went thorough some killer headaches after quitting diet coke. But once they were gone, I went onto caffeine free diet coke, so I can get that delicious coke taste without any of the addictive side effects…


I don’t think that caffeine is the trigger chemical in my diet Coke addiction. It’s something else. Something that makes my innards feel good. I think once I go to a diet without irritants, the addiction will go away.



Acid is bad for your teeth. Brush them when necessary, problem solved.

The rare times that I throw up I always brush my teeth and use mouthwash when done.


Lol. I have moved on from soda to Mighty H2O, in other words water for long time now. Much healthier.