What to do with Soylent when you need extra energy?


Hello all,

I apologize if this topic has already been covered. I plan on consuming soylent as more or less my entire nutritional intake once I get it. I would like to be on a 100% soylent diet.

This being said, I go street cycling very often and workout at the gym sometimes. My soylent diet will be based on a normal day, but when I cycle I need extra nutrients and specific nutrients and energy sources at that.

Aside from simply drinking an extra bit of soylent before, during and after my workout, what should I do so that I am not required to mix in energy gels, cliff bars, caffeine etc into the mix?

Does soylent plan on coming out with a batch that is specifically meant to be taken when you plan on a grueling physical workout?

Soylent may have everything the body needs, but what if that body is pushing it’s metabolic limits and VO2 max for the next hour? What should we as consumers do with the product to take these rigorous physical activities into account pertaining to our consumption of soylent?



They’ve mentioned in general that they plan on offering “specialized” blends in the future, but that it’s not likely to be until initial production has been stabilized (so, sometime in the middle of next year is a possibility)


I add caffeine powder (100 mg) and ALCAR (500 mg) to my morning and afternoon soylent meal for a boost in energy. I also add L-Theanine 200 mg, which has an interesting effect with caffeine and counteracts any jitters that may occur.


Well, for starters, you can just drink more soylent. You’ll probably be getting Soylent 2200, so you could shoot for eating 4 days worth every 3 days for a 3000 calorie/day diet.

I would imagine that should take care of you. But another option is to just drink gatorade after workouts to replaced what you lose in sweat, and if you want to follow the 2g of protein per kilogram, you can just add whey or soy protein to your mix.