What to keep track of?


Having recently gotten my Soylent I’m wanting to know, as I transition my meals over to Soylent, what stats besides weight would be good to keep track of? I ask mainly because after I’ve been on Soylent for two or three weeks (to make sure it’ll work out for me) I also plan on resuming going to the gym, and being a bit of a geek I like to keep track of numbers in a spreadsheet to help visualize my progress.

Also, would someone be willing to take a look at my blood work test?


Edit: Also, when I start up going to the gym again, should I add whey to the mix?


Couple of questions. I’m guessing these are pre soylent labs?
How much animal protein on average would you say you ate on a daily basis? I ask because your total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, creatinine and urine ketones are elevated. The creatinine only slightly so it may just be some protein overload.
I saw a 20% decrease in my lipids over 6 months on soylent. Also were these fasting?


I was fasting for 12 hours prior to this test, which were pre-soylent as you said. I plan on doing the test again in a few months for comparison. As for how much protein I ate, I honestly couldn’t tell you. Generally I just ate whatever seemed good at the time without much regard for nutrition contents. One day I might eat hamburger helper (love that stuff, even if it’s not all the healthy) or I might be extra lazy and just microwave a bag of pizza rolls for dinner. Occasionally I might eat something that might be considered “healthy”.


I would say wait 6 months before repeating. Otherwise could be a money waster.


I am using soylent for mainly weight loss so I took measurements of practically everything on my body and am keeping a weekly log with those measurements as well as the weight. I would like to blood tests as well but I just don’t have the money.