What types of carbs are in Soylent?


I’m wondering what % of the carbs are simple vs complex? Alternatively what % are monosaccharides etc?


Soylent only contains complex carbohydrates and noncariogenic (no calorie) sugars.


This is a guess:
Carbohydrates that are complex don’t seem to be listed as ‘sugar’ on the label ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/l90jvmlgl14rj10/SoylentFinalNutrition.pdf ), but do appear as the total. The total daily servings on carbohydrates is 252g, subtracting the daily fiber (24g, at 8g/serving), and simple sugar (6g at 2g/serving) gives me 222g (88.1%) of non-fiber complex carbohydrates. 6g of monosaccharides is 2.4%, fiber at 9.5%.

The carbohydrates from maltodextrins are polysaccharides, being 65.5% of the carbohydrate source. However I don’t know where the rest comes from exactly. Some comes from their oat flour, but I don’t know their current oat flour amount (was reduced) or nutritional facts associated with it.