What version is this?

I was given several boxes of Soylent from a friend since he knows how much I like v2.0, but I am confused the sticker on the outside says “1WK-V4” but the box is printed with “1.3” and the release notes say 1.3 and it has the oil bottles. What gives?

1.0 was version 1,
1.1 was version 2,
1.2 was version 3,
So 1.3 was version 4.


Thank you for the info. He kept insisting he was giving me 1.4 and I didn’t want to correct him since he was generous.

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That is a 1 week supply of 1.3. The oil bottles were in a separate box which you apparently didn’t get.

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No, I have the oil bottles. That why I was pretty sure it wasn’t 1.4.

If you end up not wanting the 1.3, @vanclute is always wanting more of it.

Thank you. I will probably see about trading it out for 1.4 or 1.5 if shipping isn’t too bad.Is there a trading/marketplace thread on here? Reddit is blocked at work.