What were the ingredient changes from v1.3 to v1.4?


I just finished my batch of v1.3 not long ago and began consuming some of v1.4. The reason why I ask what the big ingredient changes are is that I’m getting really bad acid reflux and heart burn after consuming a meal of v1.4. I also noticed that it’s way milkier and thicker, which is harder to consume as well. I used to be able to finish a meal in 30 minutes or so, but with the new version, I’m having trouble getting it down.

I had to cancel my subscription due to the acid reflux and heart burn. It was just too unbearable, so it was a no brainer to stop taking it. I absolutely loved v1.3, how it made me feel, easy it was to get down, and its texture. I really want to go back to Soylent again, but I can’t with how it makes me feel.

Thanks in advanced for any replies.


Soylent 1.4 Release Notes documents all the major changes.


You can see all of the changes made from 1.3 to 1.4 in the blog posting announcing 1.4.

I thought that there was also an insert in the box (booklet) that gives the changelog from version to version.

Edit: Sorry, Ric and I must have been typing at the same time. Follow Ric’s link above for what I had envisioned in my head.


Thank you. I read the booklet and nothing stood out. Sorry, new to the forums, but I was wondering if there’s a list of what changes will be made to v1.5. Hopefully I can be a returning customer.


No knows what will be in 1.5 yet.

(Edit: Obviously someone knows what will be in 1.5, For clarity: No one outside of Rosa Labs/Soylent knows what will be in 1.5 yet, and anyone who might know would not respond here until an official announcement were made.)