What will be next?

Ok, I’m bored already. What’s next? Bulk powder? I’m hoping for a new form factor (and price!) that’s intended for us 100%ers.

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Conor said that there will be more bar flavors coming out. If I had to guess, I would assume those would be next, but I have no idea.

I would like something meaty, like barbecue, pepperoni, or sausage flavor. Soylent jerkey.




Maple Bacon Soylent?!?!? that would break the internet


My guess would be more flavored iterations of the drink, but that’s just a hunch. If so, I hope they are good and not loaded with nasty-tasting artificial sweeteners.

With all this talk about the difficulty of masking the salty taste of algae, I wish they would just roll with it and give us some savory flavors along the lines of @mellored’s suggestions. But I don’t think that’s actually likely to happen soon.

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Talk about sitting on a gold-mine.

Recreational Soylent powder named Slo-Mo (from Dredd) that goes up your nose…

Yeah, probably Chocolatiest.

Conor did mention in that Coffiest thread that if they could come up with a good sci-fi name for a chocolate drink, they would be inclined to introduce one. The best suggestion I saw was Mococoa from The Truman Show by kennufs.


I’m not sure having a name is a prerequisite for green lighting the product.


INTJ robot takes everything literally. Beep boop.

Though it does explain some of their head scratching choices.

'What will be next?'
Europe, I hope. :slight_smile:

I would call the chocolate iteration Soma. :wink:

Soylent in the morning, Soylent in the evening, Soylent at supper time! When Soylent’s in a bagel, you can eat Soylent any time!


So far everything’s cold or room temp, I’d like something warm or hot.


Soylent soup?  

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K-cup soups, or those self-heating cans?

Solar powered so the sun heats it up and charges a little battery so you can charge your phone similar to KFC boxes.

If that doesn’t signal the end of Design and Innovation from Creatives I dunno what would. WATT-A-BOX…get it?