What will you do for backers who were forced to request refunds?


I ordered a weeks worth of soylent in feb 2014 as a backer. I had to refund that order in august after the continued delays, I needed the money for other things. My question…

Will I ever have a real chance of getting soylent if I order in the future? If so, when.

When will you shipping be “ready to handle” regular orders?

It has been MONTHS. What’s up? I would like to try it. I paid, but apparently not enough to get it within 6 months of the release date (most 1 week backer orders haven’t gone out yet)

I would also like to know where customers money has been being spent?



If they returned your money, what more do they owe you? I would say nothing.

If this is a roundabout way of asking when the order queue will shorten to under a month, they haven’t been forthcoming with predictions like that for months now.

Even if you received an estimate, it would be dubious based on their track record of predicting ship times.


Exactly why I felt like asking. Also I was just asking, not asking for restitution or anything.

Just a straight answer for a wannabe customer


They’re giving 4-5 months as the ETA on new orders. Does that answer the question?


Not in the slightest. Why are they struggling so hard when they keep saying they have been “ramping up production” for months. I would like a straight up answer, no run around.

I would still love to try this product but at this rate if I were to reorder in even 2 months from now, it doesn’t seem like anything would get to me until summer 2015.

I just don’t get it, but hey, if it’s not a big deal to them, I guess I’ll be stuck eating like a chump


Purchase orders for manufacturing Soylent 1.0. Nothing else.

Of course! We have no reason to believe that any Soylent orders are in danger of not being fulfilled.

As soon as we have cleared out the backlog of crowdfunding & ecommerce orders from May 2013-present. Achieving real-time-fulfillment is our top priority, and we are in a good position to accomplish this in the next several months. The 4-5 month shipping delay estimate is (hopefully) very conservative.


Where do international crowd-funded orders stand in that timeline? Or are they still off the horizon?