What would you improve in v1.1?


Be specific…


  • Bags
    less wasted space in the bags, more than half the bag is air
    better closing zip
    slightly wider opening

  • Gas
    get a handle on the gas issues…still an issue for me, even after phasing it in…slowly…

  • Appetite
    tbd for me since I’ve only had a single serving at a time vs a full meal. Based on the gas I get from a a couple snacks drank far apart, a full meal isn’t possible yet…


I find the 1.1 bags to be the right size. 1.0 bags, and especially boxes, were way too big. But 1.1 is OK.

Changes I’d like to see: Use D3 and K2 instead of D2 and K1. Find a way to eliminate the sucralose completely. I think I would like it if the oats were not powdered so finely (I like the texture of oats), but I can understand that I’m probably in the minority here. It might stand some thickening, coarser oats might solve that or maybe some gum arabic or something.


i’ve only been in doing soylent for a few days, but the first few days I had the dreaded soylent gas. i added a bit of peppermint oil and, even as i increased my soylent use, my gas decreased and lost its smelliness. maybe they could consider adding some peppermint extract or something that works in a similar way to counteract gas?


I would like to see some flavonoids. They may not be essential but I’m sure our bodies would appreciate them.


True with the D3 and K2 but also more bio-available versions of other vitamins/minerals too are needed IMO. But with regards to oats, wont coarser oats make soylent digestion even more difficult?


That’s part of the benefit (IMHO). Before Soylent, my standard breakfast was unflavored yogurt with raw rolled whole oats mixed in. The oats take so long to digest that you don’t feel hungry for hours! If the soylent oats were cut coarser I think it might prevent the sugar crash feeling that some people get from soylent (as well as hopefully thickening the texture).


I would change out the cyanocobalamin for methylcobalamin. It contains no toxic cyanide, has increased absorption and better retention in tissues.


Gas is still a massive issue for me. Not as bad as 1.0, but still horrible.


I’ve seen a dramatic improvement over the last day…Up until yesterday night I would have 1 scoop powder and 1.5 tsp of oil. Any more than that and I’d be in trouble…

But yesterday I had the same in the morning and 12 oz of prepared at dinner and practically no issues at all.

2 brief occurrences all night. Under 30 secs for both combined compared to up all night


Another good point. Post must be atleast 20 characeters.


Yeah, the sucralose aftertaste is definitely an issue. It causes it to not have as clean of a taste as it might otherwise.


No. More. Oil. Bottles.


After a glass my stomach feels comfortable, no food craving and there is a nice energy boost. As well, the energy is steady and long lasting. The only disappointment is I miss the flavor and texture of V1.0.


You can get the flavor back by buying some liquid sucralose (such as EZ-Sweetz) and adding a few drops to taste. As for the texture, those who try it report that a pinch of xanthan gum recreates the thickness of 1.0.


Gotcha, I will stick with the less sucralose option :slight_smile:


You can also add a few teaspoons of regular old sugar!


I’d like to abandon the current squishy zipper bags in favor of solid vac-pack bags.

Single-meal vac-pack bags would be a highly desired extra cost option.

Oil bottles are no biggie to me.


People keep mentioning vacuum sealed bags. Is it actually even possible to vacuum seal powder?


Yes you can… sort of. Basically you have to put the powder in a paper bag and put the bag in the bag you will vacume seal. I think a better idea is an oxygen absorber in the bag.