What would you improve in v1.1?


People keep mentioning vacuum sealed bags. Is it actually even possible to vacuum seal powder?

A fair question.

I think so.

Ground coffee is sold this way. It’s a relatively coarse powder compared to Soylent™ but I’d think the same physics would apply.

Since Soylent™ is a relatively fine power, I presume a portion of each vac-pack’s contents would be sucked back into the vac lines prior to sealing, but this is
A) a small amount easily recovered (not wasted).
B) a tech issue the food industry faced long ago for which it has probably engineered multiple solutions.


I second that. It would be one less thing the critics could compwhine about.


I liked the texture of 1.0 better, but that’s easily fixed with xantham gum. I hate the bags though. They supposedly improved the ziplock mechanism, but I see no way in which it’s better. I can never reseal a bag. Also, I’m not sure what they did different but with the 1.0 bags, they stood up straight, and I could thump them on the counter to make sure all the powder was at the bottom of the bag. With the 1.1 bags, the bag is really squished around the powder and it’s very difficult to get it to settle at the bottom. This means I frequently get a poof of powder all over when I open the bag. Not the end of the world, but it’s annoying.


How about one oil bottle per week of Soylent with an oversized cap that holds 1/7th of the bottle’s contents?


Remove the sweetener, add more sodium, diversify protein source – specifically an animal protein source.


Why an animal protein source?


Because animals are scrumptious tasting? Mmm…

Seriously though, I expect what @Altay was getting at, is that, in general Animal proteins are more complete and better balanced. However, if Soylent is using the rice protein product we believe they are it is complete, with a PDCAAS score of 1.0, same as whey.


I would like 3 varieties of Soylent to satisfy most people. Just one kind for everyone is not enough. A variety with less sugar for starters. Many people want less sugar so go 15 mg from the present 30 (which was 60 originally). Its still very sweet.
Use some other kind of carb that doesnt make gas? I want a chewable bar if possible.


More varieties is tempting, but there are just so many parameters.


  • Enzymes, y/n? (I’d rather not have them since v1.0 didn’t give me gas, and the enzymes may break down the cabs into simpler forms. But given one version of Soylent, I can see why they are there.)
  • Sucralose, y/n? (I’d rather not have it, but again, I can see why it is there).
  • Salt - low or high?
  • Protein - normal, or “athletic” quantity?
  • Oil - vegan, or fish?

Etc. Trying to give people exactly what they want would either make a huge number of variants, or (maybe?) they would need to implement a packing system that mixes each person’s order just for them. Which would be cool, but based on how long it took to get the current much simpler packing system going, I’m not going to hold my breath while I wait!


kennufs pretty much covered it, but I would add that a blend of protein sources would cover any ‘unknown-unknowns’ deficiency risk.


Just one product may not be enough in the long run. For any product there are at least a few varieties always available. For example for frozen meals there are so many different kinds of meals from the same company: shrimp, chicken, beef, vegetable etc.
I’m just guessing: The presence of enzymes has no disadvantage for any significant portion of the population but if it does, sure there should be a variety without them. I haven’t seen anyone saying “It needs some sugar”. Its always about less sugar so at the least they need to reduce it down further. Probably bring it down to 10 or 15mg from 30. They already recommend people adding peanut butter to it if needed. Sugar should be an added additive, not something that can be detected by most people. The aftertaste of this sugar is something I have seen multiple people complain about. Yea we know they added some to improve the taste but at this time too many people including me do not like the sweet taste and its aftertaste. I had it 3 hours ago and it still lingers in my mouth and I feel its pretty unpleasant. If masking bad taste is the aim, maybe something else needs to be added or the sugar further reduced.
Salt could be the daily nutrition level. I think (?) some people calculated the amounts of sodium in the beginning and said it was not enough.
Protein - just normal daily recommended quantity. Anything more should be an additive for a small portion of customers that need it: athletes).
Oil - Vegan and non-vegan could be two different varieties depending on if there’s a significant percentage of customers who need it so thats good.

I see multiple varieties happening eventually but I feel at this point they will be very resistant to do that (understandable as they are trying to evolve the one kind they have started out with).

So for that one kind I’d definitely reduce the sugar first, watch further feedback and continue to improve the gas problem.

Different sources of protein sounds like a good idea.


These are not iphones and androids where people ‘whine’ about wanting bigger sizes or more cores in them. This is ‘food’… the most important thing for people after air and water. Thats why its important to get this right not just for the sake of nutrition but to avoid discomfort. Thats why people ‘complain’ about these things.


I like the idea of adding coarser oats but I rather do this myself because I need the extra calories. 2000 calories is not enough for me.


Most importantly, less gas. Then less sweetener and more calories.


To get the powder out of the top before opening I grab both sides of the bag just above the zipper and shake back and forth several time. Rarely do I see a poof of powder when I open the bag.


Tark. I was agreeing with you. You have to admit if they used the most bioavailable forms of the vitamins and minerals you, the critics, and I would have one less complaint.