What Year Is It?


I ordered it; I look forward to trying it out and if I enjoy it, I’ll take a closer look at the DIY angle. However, two to three months to receive a first shipment? Is this 1988? Did I place an order on the internet, or did I place an order over the phone to a television shopping network? Why are subsequent orders 1-2 weeks and first orders six times longer wait? What exactly is your shipping model?


It is a brand new business. They only just started shipping and have a backlog of 20 thousand pre-orders. Patience is the name of the game.


It is a new product, and there hasn’t been much quite like it. They have to ramp up production. I think they said there were 20,000 pre-orders.

Later on, it will probably ship immediacy.




Its not about the time to ship, its about time to produce enough to meet their demand. They are prioritizing old customers so you don’t have to deal with losing your supply once you start, so new customers have to wait until they ramp up production enough to keep you supplied.


I believe the old page said 20,000+, so over 20,000 people ordered. I’m not sure how many customers have gotten their shipments, but at this point I would hazard a guess at over 25%


I think that my be the worst guess I’ve seen on this site yet! - As of me writing this response, out of the 218 customers that have registered on the Soylent Shipment page, only 9 have indicated receiving their shipment. To be super-liberal, lets assume that many more have received their shipment but not updated their entry which gives us a sample received 18 to sample ordered 218 which is 8.25%. So not even 10 percent of customers, and that’s super liberal.


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My guess was based more on how long they have been shipping it, which is a known quantity, so I would say its a better guess.
How many of the 20,000+ customers are on the forums? I would say less than 1,000 are active, even fewer are on that shipment page. Then those on the shipment page also have to update their status on the shipment page, which its possible for them to forget to do. It is probably safe at this point to say those that have received their kits on that page have received their Soylent. Although there is one on there that claimed to have received their kit on May 28th…


I don’t think you have to bias the numbers by that. People could also register on that site once they get their Soylent. Ignoring that bias and assuming a normal distribution, the plain numbers is that 4.12% of the total customer base got their Soylent so far with a 6.61% error rate and confidence 95%. :slight_smile:


@mkindy If you got tired of waiting - you may look for alternatives.
Some users make and sell DIY soylent according to open formulas (I can recommend @axcho), while some make it on a commercial scale and ship now.


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