What's a good replacement for olive oil?


Extra means premium, it has the lowest amount of free acidity and peroxide of all the olive oils. Virgin means it’s the First Cold Press. Whole fresh olives crushed to release the oil. Cold is under 86°F. EVOO has been mechanically pressed, and the oil separated from the pomace (the pits, flesh and juice).

Anything that does not meet the free acidity and peroxide values cannot be labeled Extra. Any oil produced using solvents or heat cannot be labeled Virgin.

Detailed info here http://www.oliveoiltimes.com/extra-virgin-olive-oil


Regular may be extracted partially with heat and purified with something like have like canola. I think many times, regular “olive oil” or cheap EVOO is only partially olive oil and the rest some other oil.

EVOO should be “cold pressed”, squeezed out of the olive without any heat, then stored cool and protected from light. Opaque or dark glass protects it from light.


So EVOO is almost always pure olive oil?


What is your recipe like? I’m doing 50% MCT, 50% EVOO with a total of 4 tablespoons oil per day. I never taste any olive oil. I’ve tried olive oil alone, so I know it can be a strong flavor, but I’ve never treated it in soylent.

Maybe you’re doing a keto recipe with more oil. In that case, I would suggest some EVOO and the rest coconut or MCT.


Yes, it is supposed to be, but sometimes cheap imported EVOO is only partially olive.


I may go 50% EVOO and 50% coconut oil.


I’m using close to a 50/50 Olive Oil/MCT Oil as well. I am also doing a keto version with 75ml MCT and 60ml EVOO. I think the secret to my recipe is the milk. It helps the consistency and masks the oil. It’s freaking tasty in fact.



Very interesting recipe. What would you replace the milk with?


I guess it would depend on why you were replacing the milk. I might add 100g banana. This would have similar characteristics of thickening the recipe and masking the taste. However, you would lose the creaminess of the milk and have a significant a banana taste. I was using both banana and milk but had to cut back on the carbs.


I’m mainly worried about nutrients. I can’t touch milk.


I updated the recipe with the banana and removed the milk. Milk mostly affected the sodium and potassium. The banana covers that off rather well as you can see.


How do you prepare this?


I mix all the powders once a week into individual tuperware type containers.

Each night I blend one container, the milk, some water and the oils for about 2-5 minutes then pour into a takeya pitcher. I then fill then pitcher to the top (or bottom of the lid) and refrigerate overnight.

I take the pills separately each morning with my first glass.

Obviously, I can’t speak to the taste without the milk, but it’s an easy keto recipe which tastes pretty damn good. I should point out (and I just changed to reflect) that I so use the dutch chocolate version of the whey protein isolate (Now foods). It is more expensive (my recipe reflects my latest prices) but the chocolate flavor is awesome. It also goes well with the bananas.


If it’s real EVOO, it’s 100% cold pressed olive oil. That’s it. Anything else is fake, adulterated and not legal. If you buy from local or certified sources, what you see is what you get. Otherwise it can be a mix of olive oil and others oils, or Extra Virgin and some other lower grade olive oil.

Kirkland (costco brand) and Trader Joe’s EVOOs have consistently been tested to be both high quality and unadulterated. So if you don’t want to dig around for boutique brands you can go with those brands.


I use Udu oil 3-6-9 blend, I have used it for years and only requires 1-5 tablespoons per day depending on body weight. I’ve been doing 2 tablespoons per day and it works fine for me 235 pounds and 6’4. I think this is one of the highest quality oil blends you can buy.


We’re using oil for calories. 1 to 5 tablespoons a days doesn’t seem like much.


Are you Dutch? If so, where do you buy the coconut flour?


Not Dutch. Amazon. I actually have a 25lb bag coming soon! I don’t have enough empty 5lb whey bottles yet so I’m not sure how I’m going to store all the flour.


So, I prepared a meal with 50% of your macros for breakfast and after 2.5h I was starving. Is this because it’s a drink or am I missing something? I always have the impression that I’m starving myself to death.

And it doesn’t help that being low carb I’m obviously losing bulk - too bad I don’t know if I’m starving myself to death or just drying up.

For lunch I made a regular fork and knife meal. Didn’t want to take any chances.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give it a try. Just to make sure, this is liquid? I’ve read some reviews that were mentioning pills.