What's going on in there; the science behind kefir


So recently I got really sick with an undiagnosed infection, I was sick for about a month. Anyways, my doctor recommended I start drinking kefir which is like a probiotic yogurt-milk. It’s delicious and really good for your digestive track. I got it from walmart and I think it’s made by lifeway or something like that. Moving on, on the side of the container it says something along the lines of that because of fermentation kefir is good until the use by date no matter when you open it. I thought this was very cool and I really don’t know how it works seeing as in how the use by date was months away. I thought the science here could really benefit something like soylent. what if soylent was fermented in the same way that kefir is (maybe even with added probiotics if needed) and then it could be sold pre-bottled without the need of preservatives I think.

Like I said I don’t have a clue how it works or the science behind it but this is something that I think soylent would benefit greatly from. Some sort of way to keep it form spoiling so quickly. Does anyone know more about this or have any thoughts about this?


What they do is sanitize or sterilize the container and pasteurize the milk. Then inoculate the milk with the bacteria and let it ferment the milk. The fact that no other microorganisms get into the mix before it is packaged is what keeps it good for months on end.

They wouldn’t need to ferment Soylent to keep it fresh for so long. They would just need to ultra pasteurize it.