What's going to happen with Soylent 1.5?

Can we expect 1.5 to stick around for the long term (at least the next 1 to 2 years) or are you guys planning to update it (or remove it entirely)? I’ve structured my diet around 1.5. It’s pretty much meets most of the requirements I have.

2.0 is doesn’t really meet my requirements + is too expensive + has too much waste (bottles) + shipping liquid seems horribly inefficient.

From the Reddit AMA one hour ago:

@rob: “Yes but 1.5 is selling very well. I think we may do one more release to bring the nutrition in line with 2.0 (higher protein lower GI) and leave it there for a while so we can focus on new products.”


If you mean keeping a cheaper, powder product separate from their more expensive liquid product, yes they will always have that.

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It was mentioned in an article on 2.0 that they plan on updating the powdered version one more time before the end of the year.

What will happen to it? It will be replaced by Soylent 1.6. :smile:

One of my issues with 2.0 is that the macro nutrient profile changed. The reduction in carbohydrates seems drastic and unnecessary. The increase in fat also seems unnecessary… why would someone need roughly 50% of their calories to come from fat?

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I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic, but I haven’t been able to find a rational for their macronutrient profile in 2.0.

I think that 1.5’s macronutrient profile is more reasonable: 45/40/15. Calories are roughly equal between fats and carbohydrates.

1.5 is going no where. We are continuing to develop it. We would ideally like the drink and the powder to intersect at one point.


Don’t leave just yet…

Can you give some insight in to what to expect for the next 1.x release? Not low-level details but maybe just a high-level overview of the expected changes to the macronutrient profile?

As always we will be focusing on improving the formula, we are putting a focus on texture (no the only focus). 2.0 has been a big hit not only due to flavor but because of the smooth texture.


I don’t think there’s a specific rationale for the 1.5 or 2.0 carb to fat ratio. There’s a wide range of carb:fat ratios that are fine. The problems to be avoided in terms of fat and carbs are trans fat, some forms of saturated fat, and too high of an insulin response from some forms of carbs.

The only thing special about the ratio itself is if you eliminate carbs completely your body undergoes a change in what it uses to transfer energy, your glucose is replaced by ketose. That’s a state called ketosis and it’s not well researched as an intentional diet.

I think they’ve put some thought in to it, but they’re not going to expose anything because it’s probably proprietary to the product/process. My hope is that the 1.6 carb:fat ratio stays similar to 1.5, otherwise I may have to shed a single manly tear and cancel my subscription when 1.6 arrives :cry:

I’m a weightlifter/bodybuilder and for me 1.5 really is an amazing product. It fits really well in to my dietary requirements. I take a scoop of Soylent and a scoop of whey and boom I’ve just had a meal that fits my macros. It doesn’t cause any bloating or water retention (a problem that I frequently encounter with other prepackaged foods) and blood sugar levels are relatively stable 30 mins afterwards.

If 1.6 arrives and I have to start prepping my Soylent by measuring out and mixing other food stuffs in to it, I start to lose a lot of that convenience. It may not be worth paying a premium at that point. Having said that, I understand that our dear leader @rob doesn’t make his product specifically to suit my proclivities.

Forever :heart: 1.5

Oh yeah I read your thread, glad you enjoy it! My experience with gas from powdered Soylent has been the opposite though.

They have said they’re going to formula match the liquid and powder products, sorry. Luckily for you there will be a ton of people selling and trading their 1.5 stocks when 1.6 hits, probably at a reduced price, just like there’s been with every other new version release. There’s a couple popular places for it, like this thread and this subreddit.

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If 1.6 did come out with different macro ratios, could you try it for a while and see if you get different results than you did on 1.5?

I believe in the AMA yesterday @rob said they hope to get 2.0’s nutrient profile to be similar to 1.5 in the future.

Don’t think that’s what he said. As @Ric mentioned, he wants to do it the other way around. That is, make 1.x’s nutrient profile similar to 2.0s.

Here’s the thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/soylent/comments/3n4oh7/i_am_rob_ama_part_ii/cvkr07q