What's in a name?

I noticed that many cannabis users here in the “Netherlands” eat a lot of fast/junk food. So i made a Soylent Niche recipe for this group called stonershake.com. It’s a Oath and whey based recipe. Most of all reviews are positive. At this moment im using coffeeshops and dispensaries as retail partners. But…
After a couple of weeks live now. I found that my brand name is maybe to offending for some.
Most order come from the US. Of course it’s not only for cannabis user, but for people who are to “lazy” to cook them selfs a proper meal. What do you guys thinking on the name Stonershake?

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I bet some people will swear by it! :smirk:


It’s better than “slartibartfast


When I think of a stoner shake, I think of something unhealthy. Like a stoner with the munchies putting ice cream, lucky charms, anything sweet in there they can think of.

Also, a lot of people aren’t going to want a package that says “Stoner Shake” on their kitchen counter, or on their doorstep etc. I like the humor though and I can see what you’re trying to do. I think something like Lazy Shake might work better.


I would suggest calling them Munchies. You smoke cannabis, you get the munchies, there you go, here’s your shake.


Even “Lazy shake” has too much of a negative connotation I’d say. There is a reason ads show people using their products and then show them feeling empowered. Nobody wants to think of himself as lazy.


Yeah, you’re probably right. I was just trying to stay close to his original concept. Maybe Easy Shake? Too bad for him the name Soylent is already taken.

…because “Soylent” doesn’t have any negative connotations.

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Offend as many people as you can. You’ll get a good chuckle causing fiery online outrage and your sales will go through the roof.

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“Smegma Smoothie” is available. I just did a trademark search.


I love de munchies brandname, but is already a existing snack brand.

I realize that people found the stonershake brandname a little bit funny. But so is Soylent when i discribe it to a noob.


How about “Munchie Smoothie”?

stoner shake is a massive put off in name.
Almost like a gag product.
However I’m not a customer, nor your intended consumer so my opinion doesn’t hold much value.
However this may be fine for your intended users though.
All depends on who you’re aiming for. :information_desk_person:

For the record and FYI

When I ordered Ambronite, it was “inspected” by the border/custom police (what are they called? border services?).

A green powder in a green bag. Must have seemed suspicious to them, specially since it’s coming from Europe.

Imagine if the product’s name refers to weed. That would make them even more suspicious.