What's left on the bottom?


I’ve found myself wondering lately about which parts of my soylent settle to the bottom. I havent had a chance to try official Soylent yet, but I drink schmoylent fairly regularly (I love it by the way for anybody interested). My normal method and pace of consumption is from a 1 liter water bottle throughout the day at work (brunch soylent). Sometimes I slack on thoroughly shaking my schmoylent between sips, and at the end of the liter, a bit of gritty sediment can be left on the bottom.Sometimes I add more water, shake it, and slug it down, but sometimes I just dump it. What do I neglect myself by dumping the sediment? Is it mostly just fiber? I know very little about nutrition (half the reason I love powdered foods) I doubt anybody really knows for sure what nutrients would be left down there in the muck without taking a sample and actually running tests, but I thought I’d ask for the sake of speculation and educated guesses. I also recognize that the answer will likely vary between recipes, but I’m sure there are some standard culprits.

So, what is it that tends to settle?


I wonder this sometimes too. I used to finish off a pitcher and then fill it with water, shake it, and drink what’s left. Now I usually just wash my pitcher after I’m done with it. I suspect it is fiber that settles at the bottom but I don’t know for sure. Hopefully I’m not missing out on important nutrients.


In my case I usually stir&shake Soylent after adding oil and just before consumption.
I have noticed some sediment and water separation after overnight staying. After 5 second of good shaking it’s going away.
The only thing that is left over are the particles on the walls of the container. Not sure how to describe them, but they are just 0.5% of the liquid covering the empty bottle.

See random google image for what I mean at the middle bottle.

Note, that bottom of the bottle is usually almost clear, leaving leftovers mainly on one side of the bottle’s wall, so official Soylent (v 1.1) don’t have sediment problem for me if shaken before consumption.


As long as I shake it before each drink throughout the day, I don’t have any trouble with separation. But I often don’t think to shake it or I only give it a weak shake to avoid making much noise (I work in a cubicle in an office, I imagine the sloshing noise in the steel container would be annoying to other people after a while). If I don’t shake well enough throughout the day, there will be about a quarter inch of thick gritty sludge at the bottom of my bottle, I’m wondering which ingredient(s) are the most likely to settle to the bottom because sometimes I dump that last thick sludge instead of adding more water and drinking it.


I didn’t have hardly any sludge when I was using Soylent. On my DIY, I’ve started using an immersion blender and that seems to help a lot. There are times I that I do have some sludge on the bottom though. I always just add some water and drink it.

I would love it if somebody had an actual answer. My guess was that it was mostly the masa (I’m on a People Chow variant DIY) at the bottom. The protein and Mega Man Sport vitamins (the other bulky ingredients) were designed to dissolve in water.


Hey @Tweedle, the stuff at the bottom is mostly psyllium husk fiber, though I imagine the other ingredients would be mixed in with it. I generally add water and shake it again to get the last stuff from the bottom, but I don’t think you’ll have problems if you skip that part. :wink:

Glad you’re liking the Schmoylent! :slight_smile:


I’ve gotten in the habit now of, once a pitcher is “empty” (i.e. stuff stuck at the bottom), I add just barely enough water to it to loosen it enough to pour out. Then I swish it around real good and pour it into my last glass/bottle full. Doesn’t affect the taste or consistency much at all when I do this. Drinking that remaining bit straight though, is pretty gross to me. It’s like water that has gone strangely bad.