What's missing in vegan soylent


I’ve ordered two weeks of Soylent 1.0 in the vegan formula (One for me and one for my wife). That means to me that I will not be getting the oil blend. What do I need to add back into it on my end if I wanted to replace that. What would be missing from my daily needs? Is there a replacement for that already in the powder? I want to prove to my friends, family, and coworkers that it’s possible to do this and feel better (not eating is not healthy they say)

The main reason we went with the vegan blend is because my wife has had past experience with fish oil pills and the results were some nasty tasting burps (she doesn’t like fish in the first place). I believe it was a canola and fish oil blend. Is there another un-fishy way to get the same results? Either way I’m going to try this and I’m really enthusiastic about it.

Thanks for reply’s in advance


The last I heard, they had gone with a fish oil option that was as unnoticeable as possible, as far as taste, and were pretty successful in avoiding fish burps. Someone on the forum also made a comment that with high-quality fish oil, that shouldn’t happen anyway. I don’t care for fishy taste either, so I’m hoping this is the case as well.


As for what’s missing, it’s the omega fatty acids. The oil also boosts the amount of vitamin E, but there’s already 100% in the powder.


Nobody who has tried Soylent 1.0 has been able to identify anything resembling a fishy taste. We went out of our way to find tasteless fish oil and it’s something like .5% of Soylent by volume.


I plan on continuing to take these vegan alternative capsules with my soylent, as well as adding the appropriate amount of canola oil. The DHA/EPA comes from sustainably grown algae.


Where do you order the vegan version? Didn’t see it listed.


It was the Backerkit survey question. You could request that the oil not be included, or to receive the normal Soylent package.


I would love to see an answer to the original question posed here. What exactly is missing from the vegan version, that should be supplemented from other sources? What specific ingredients, amounts/dosages, etc. should be added to get the identical equivalent nutrition as the non-vegan blend?


Each bottle of oil blend is designed to be mixed into a pouch (day) of Soylent.

The bottles contain:

.77g DHA
1.15g EPA
48g canola oil


Exact amounts! Exactly what I wanted! Thanks boss


Awesome Julio, you rock! =) BTW I assume this is per meal?


I believe it’s per day.


Ah ok, big difference. Julio could you confirm this point? Thanks!


Edited my original post for clarity.


Hate to say it Julio but I’m afraid that didn’t clarify anything for me. LOL Is one bottle meant for one bag meaning 1 bottle = 1 day’s worth?


Yes, that’s correct.


Perfect, thanks again!


So, looking specifically at how to replace those ingredients, that would be 3.5 tablespoons canola oil + how many Ovega capsules or tbsp of something like Vega Antioxident Omega Oil Blend?