What's new since last year?


Been out of the loop for most of a year. Has the formula or taste changed since last summer?



Cacao powder has been a revolution in smoothness, good taste and ease of preparation. On other fronts, major change or changes are said to be on the way “soon”. The Canada problem is being fervently addressed.


I tried the bottled cacao when it first came out and wasn’t a fan. I did mix hershey’s cocoa powder in for a bit and that was better.


The powder is quite different from the bottled, but that doesn’t guarantee you’d like it, of course.


If mixing in straight cocoa powder is what made it taste better for you, there’s good chance you’d like it. Much stronger cacao taste. Then again, as we’ve seen repeatedly, each person’s taste buds seem to operate in parallel universes…


Really?? From your lips to God’s ears… :cry:


I was quoting Conor. I hope you don’t think I run the company.