What's the best tasting alternative for the Now Foods Whey Protein in People Chow?


I bought the unflavored version originally (think it was this). I’m also seeing a vanilla version and a dutch chocolate version. Not sure what dutch chocolate tastes like. Is it like regular chocolate? Like kitkat and snickers? Even if I’ve had it before I doubt I would know that that’s what it’s called. My knowledge of food is pretty limited, especially when it comes to chocolate.

Anything else I can use, from a different brand perhaps? In the same quantity, when you make a batch for a single day? Different brand, different product completely, but tastes great? Also can use in the same quantity to get the same nutrition as the original people chow recipe.


What don’t you like about the unflavored whey in people chow?


I don’t like People Chow. I tried drinking it, I keep cheating and going back to regular/unhealthy stuff. I’m thinking this has to do with it? I’m thinking if I replace it with a flavored alternative, it would taste like something you can drink without forcing yourself?


I think the flavored proteins are great and make People Chow much tastier.


i flavor mine with a quarter teaspoon each of cinnamon and stevia.


I’ve not had that protein powder, but Dutch chocolate is a common flavor you’ve probably had before; it’s only slightly different than normal cocoa, and it’s common in chocolate ice creams and hot chocolates.

The Dutch process:

  • Lowers acidity
  • Increases solubility
  • Enhances color
  • Smooths flavor

Kit-Kat and Snickers in the US are made with a milk chocolate, which tastes weird, at least to me. Dutch process cocoa should be listed as “cocoa (processed with alkali)” on the ingredient label. Normal cocoa will just say “cocoa.”


A lot of what you think of as “regular chocolate” probably is made with dutch-process chocolate.

Straight cocoa powder is acidic and sour; the recipe needs to deal with that. Dutched cocoa isn’t acid, is darker, and is more “chocolatey.” Straight dutched cocoa is bitter, but not sour. Either way, they need fat and sugar to become yummy chocolate.