What's the deal with Vitamin C, Soylent has 20 mg per serving, supplements start at ~ 1000mg

Are the 60mg per pouch enough and the supplements are ripoff or is it a good idea to have a bit more of Vit C ? Thanks !

Soylent has enough vitamin C to prevent scurvy. The US RDA is set to this level.

Some people believe that higher (in some cases much higher) levels of vitamin C helps your immune system and/or other things. Most famously, Linus Pauling advocated extremely high vitamin C doses. But the research hasn’t always shown that it helps, and extremely high doses can increase cancer rates…so apparently RL decided to be conservative and give you enough to avoid a deficiency.


Thanks! Seems just like every thing that is healthy, it’s so good for you that it gives you cancer when you take more :slight_smile:

I’m fact the US RDA for vitamin C was increased to 90mg by the FDA earlier this year, but companies have until July 2018 to change their labels.


Soylent gives you as much as you need.

Nothing stops other people from selling more though.

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So soylent + some broccoli will have you covered …

Certainly. 60mg is enough to prevent deficiency, but the reason for the increase was to include some of the beneficial antioxidant effects of vitamin C that have come to light in more recent studies. Basically, you won’t become deficient in anything whilst on Soylent, but you may not get all the beneficial effects without slight additional supplementation.

Plus, vitamin C along with many other vitamins are water soluble, any excess will be easily and safely excreted in the urine.

It’s fat soluble vitamins (D, E, K etc.) that you should watch out for overdosing.

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You have mentioned this before. Can you post a link so we can read all about it?



“(Response) The preexisting RDI of 60 mg was based on the 1968 RDA which is outdated and does not reflect current recommendations for intake of vitamin C. We disagree that the RDI for vitamin C should not be increased because we are no longer requiring mandatory declaration. As we stated in the preamble to the proposed rule (79 FR 11879 at 11928), we are basing the RDIs for vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, on the highest RDA set by the IOM. Thus, for vitamin C, we set the RDI at 90 mg. The RDIs, which are expressed on the label through the percent DV, give a consumer a general idea how much of a nutrient they should consume.”

This page (http://www.consumerlab.com/m/news/Updated-Daily-Values-Vitamins-Minerals/7_27_2016/) summarises the key changes and gives information on when companies must switch to comply with them.

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