What's the difference between these two Whey Protein Isolate packages?


I’m making my own DIY Soylent and just wanted to know what’s the difference from these two on ebay.





I thought it was buy now lol.


Drag. :slight_smile: It is my favorite protein. I like the vanilla flavored. I’ve tried a couple others in my DIY, but I’m about to buy this one again. Hope your soylenting goes well. What recipe are you using?


Novus Life has the cheapest whey protein that I’ve found. They seem to be in the process of a name change & website revamp, but here are the current links:



Even after accounting for the different protein concentration levels, the Concentrate is much more economical than the Isolate, assuming you can handle it (lactose intolerant people should beware). Just be sure to adjust your recipe to account for the differences.


Another brand that has been recommended around here is Hard Rhino isolates. They end up being pretty cheap for a pure isolate. http://www.hardrhino.com/