What's the future of 2.0?


2.0 has been released for more than one year, what’s the future of it? What changes will be made to 2.0?


Every batch will continue to taste different. Flavors (for a higher price) will be introduced. Some packaging changes will occur. Once TerraVia stockpile dwindles, formula change (which is already created) will be used. Mold will continue to be an issue at its current level.


You can trust Ode to accent the negative. Yes, mold will continue to be seen at the current level, which is about once every 5,000 bottles, meaning that most customers will never see any. (yes, I made that number out of whole cloth, the same place Ode gets some of his facts)


Personal attacks are against the terms of service. Also, show me one of my statements that is untrue. You need a hobby besides being proven wrong by me, dude.


The number of mold complaints has droppped dramatically, judging by comments made on this site, which is all we customers have to go on. The implication that nothing has changed on that front is an exaggeration, I think.


Aside from plans for various flavors, not much has been announced.


We will be working on a variety of changes. New flavors are in the works, but we also have some changes for Original (2.0). We have a lot of projects in the works.


Looking into my infallible crystal ball I predict that early in the new year we will see two new flavors, one kind of chocolatey and one sort of fruity.


For those curious: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NBIF6WS/ref=twister_B01MU358BM?_encoding=UTF8&th=1


$3.29 for 400 calories, same price as Coffiest.

What kind of flavor is nectar anyway? Honey? " Made for those who have a real sweet tooth."


They called 1.6 neutral. Imagine how sweet Nectar will be! Cacaoiest should be good, though.


So close…    


$3.25 per bottle is a bit too steep a price for me.


Make Soylent’s price great again!


I find it interesting they’re charging extra for flavouring when every other company worldwide doesn’t.


That’s one word for it. RedMed vita paste was the same cost. Though no one ever accused that of tasting good.


I can understand charging more for nutropic stack like in Coffiest. However a premium for flavor? I am going to guess that they think their trendy enough that the average hipster won’t care.


It wouldn’t surprise me that they need money.

What concerns me about flavoring and the pricing is that it represents an attempt to join the worldwide conspiracy (which I just invented). The idea is to addict people to your product and then make them pay for their addiction. This of course will lead to a worldwide obesity problem.

Oh wait, all that has already happened. But RF hadn’t joined the effort till just now.


Solution: Free Market Enterprise.


Wasn’t this kinda sorta the joke behind Coffiest? (I haven’t read the book.)