What's the problem?


So you guys have had problems. There are customers out there who are concerned. But you have had to try a number different approaches, and many of them are focused around managing expectations. I don’t envy your jobs, @Rob and @JulioMiles , but then again, I kinda do.

You have created a huge thing, a thing that stared as an idea and you made it into a real thing that a lot of people feel strongly about. In creating a socially funded company, you have had amazing experiences that we spectators and backers are unlikely to have.

As whiny folks like me clamor for shipping details, it would be a delightful lagniappe to hear what you are going through. What is it like to have to staff up? To manufacture something and have it blow up. To fuss with technology partners who process backer payments. I may be in the minority, but I know there are a few of us out there that would love to live vicariously through your entrepreneurial adventure. This is what draws me to crowdfunding activities.

So this is an appeal to tell us what is going on. The problems are interesting. What problems,l even boring day to day ones, are you hitting? Not because we are whiny folk, but because a few of us would like to go on this ride with you. It’s not about ship dates, it’s about this adventure. Blog that! :slight_smile:


I know I keep asking how the building of their own production center is going. hope they include an update about that too!


This stuff would utterly fascinate me. I’ve always been more interested in the “behind the scenes” stuff than the front! Pretty much with everything… movies, business, life in general… =)


I agree. It would be thrilling to see another Vice documentary on Soylent again now months later. I’m sure much has changed since we last saw them mixing bags by hand in a dirty warehouse.


I think it would be awesome for one of the Soylent team to grab a camera and walk down the production line explaining the process/sharing a story about how the idea came to this point.

And random cut-ins by the other Soylent members at home or at work or out on the street sharing a story about something.


Julio said at one point that they cannot film or take pictures inside the RFI facilities.


Would be awesome if we could get an updated video!


Well whatever they film, it should start out with the Rocky theme song and when the song starts swelling the scene cuts to someone pouring a glass of Soylent and they say "What were you expecting? You don’t have to be Italian to know this is a good tasting food (in the best stereotypical Italian accent).