What's up with their customer service...?

I know they’ve said several times they’re having a high demand on emails being sent etc, but waiting over a week for an answer…?

I ordered a second airtight pitcher three weeks ago, and have heard nothing. I did not expect them to take this long to actually send the little plastic thing and I’ve just moved to a new place. Now I’ve been trying to reach them to change my address but they refuse to answer. So I’m whining here instead (yay!)

It’s still 20$ and no tracking info or whatsoever has been sent. What email should you contact them on?!

Aaaaand: @Soylent

(Thats the right tag, no?)

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@denkert : This is the pitcher they use. If you don’t care for the soylent tag, just drop $13 and Amazon will ship it to you in 2 days.

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Thats awesome but have already paid and they’re not answering my mails so not sure I’ll get a refund any day soon.

you may still be able to find them at Costco…two pitchers plus filters and iced tea mixes for $13


Thanks man,

But my problem is more… how do I get a refund if they won’t respond to my messages?

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I’m in a similar boat. Ordered a pitcher and haven’t heard anything. Given their apparent communication blackout and now notoriously bad customer service I’m not holding my breath. I’ve hear rumor they are responding on their Twitter feed and have seen a few threads that suggests something is going on over there. @Soylent

I was one of a sizable portion that were receiving no answers to inquiries. Some even charged for 2 months with no product and no reply to E-Mails. The good news is that it seems many that were complaining have 1) Received their order (Me being one of them) 2) Received replies concerning their inquiries 3) Received shipping information, time estimates, and a reason for the delay along with a small “pioneer” discount.

It could be that this may be good news for you and your order. Anything is possible and they may stop replying again but I am bringing in good news that there has been movement and that they may get to you soon.

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Apparently RL is no longer providing customer support via this forum. They suggest emailing myorder@soylent.me. See the 3 new pinned topics at the top of the page for more details.


Hey guys, per the new policy, please refer all questions/concerns to either the official single order and general, or official subscription customer feedback topic.

Please email the team myorder@soylent.me for your specific concerns.


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I’m sorry this happened. If they don’t help in a timely manner, you can call your bank and they’ll reverse the charge.

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the comments, they finally responded and everything is now resolved. :smile:

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