What's up with this?


Apparently… we’re in the occult… :smiling_imp: :trident: Muh’ha’ha’ha’ha!


Why not ‘Science’, or ‘Lifestyle’, or ‘Health’, or ‘Cooking’… I’d even take ‘Pop Culture’ or stretch into ‘DIY’… if only they had any of these categories… but hey, at least we have something in common with BronyCon… right? :horse: :racehorse:

I guess part of being a cult is not admitting to yourself it’s a cult though, so we’d never have known if they didn’t tell us.


I don’t know, there is this thread: My Dear Soylentologists :wink:

I guess they probably put us in there as “Weird Stuff.”


Can’t argue that were not weirdos, I’m sure that’s what they were thinking, but in that case it really ought to be its own category (Quirky / Weird Stuff) rather than being lumped with the occult. I do think we are a better fit in a number of their other current categories, but I get why we would be labeled weird even now, and more so early on.


So the Soylent Pope isn’t real?


Cooking should just be called Food or Food science, and then Soylent could be lumped into that. @frandallfarmer ?


I knew sacrificing those goats to the Great Cthulhu would come in handy.


It’ll offend the occultists if nothing else. And then they might curse us!



How else do you explain “Is it green? wink wink Nudge


Pretty interesting that we’re associated with the occult while I’m guessing they reserve “mainstream” recognition for superstitious commitment to “natural” and non-GMO foods and so forth.


Well sure: The zombie line