What's wrong with my formula?


Here’s a Google spreadsheet with what I used: Kara Soylent Mix. I had about a quarter of it this morning before work as I didn’t have time for breakfast. This was my first time using this mix. I’ve since gone to the bathroom about four times, and it’s all liquid. I was also shaking and sweating, and my stomach and intestines hurt so bad I had to leave work early.

What on earth did I do wrong?


The first thing that I see is you have way exceeded the sodium. You may even be in the toxic range for it. UL is 3.6 grams and you are at 5.5 grams.
I would suggest consuming a lot of water to try and flush your system, and maybe contact a doctor and let them know how much sodium you have taken.

I will read through the rest of your recipe, but decided I should post this.


Ur Zinc is WAY high upper limit is 40 mg per day you’ve got 90 mg


I drank plenty of water when I realized I’d taken too much sodium. I only drank a quarter of the mix, so the sodium was probably closer to 1.4g. Could that be the cause of most of the problems?


Your magnesium is also fairly high as well.
Your zinc is almost double what it should be as well.
Your Niacin is also close to the upper limits.

Choline and sulfur levels are also at toxic levels.

I really hope that you have typos on your spreadsheet. If not then I highly suggest contacting poison control.
Please note I am not a doctor, and that is why I am recommending for you to contact someone.


Not necessarily; 3 grams of salt != 3 grabs of sodium. It depends very much on what the sodium content of the salt is. My kosher salt, per 1.2 grams is 480mg of sodium.

This itself might be the issue, however. If possible, go through and check your nutrient lists again, and see if the actual availability of something is too high or low.

It could also be either an issue of mixing (fiber distribution), or your body just freaking out over something new (I honestly get like this if I have egg in the morning if I haven’t had it as breakfast for more than a couple months). It might be useful to just have it as a supplemental drink at first, and then introduce it as a meal replacement later. Though this latter point should be taken with a lot of criticism and great care; ymmv afterall.

I would definitely recommend rechecking your values, though.


Yes, there are typos for choline and sulfur. My amounts are in mg. The recommended amounts are in g. (fixed now)

Are you sure about the niacin? I’m only getting it from one source, and it’s a single multivitamin.


You’re also assuming that it was mixed properly and that the sodium and any of the other micro nutrients were evenly distributed between your shakes.
If you mixed things into individual shakers then I would be more confident about an even distribution, but if you mixed them in one big container then you could have consumed too much of something even though you only had 1/4

These are just my recommendations though.


According to:

Niacin’s UL is 0.035 grams

I didn’t say you were above the UL, but you are close to it.

You are correct. I didn’t actually look at the individual rows, I was looking at the total. My salt is 580mg per 1.5 grams. Which means that Kara would have been closer to 3.658 grams, which is still above the UL.

I think you need to fix the typos on your spreadsheet, or give us the links to what you are using so that we can view the nutritional facts.
Based on the numbers on your spreadsheet you may have poisoned yourself. But now that I am taking a closer look at your spreadsheet that may be an extreme reaction.


The sulfur and choline typos are fixed. Let me know if you see any others.

In the meantime I’ll start adding the brands to the left column, though I’m not sure how many of their labels you can view online.

EDIT: Brands are added now.
EDIT 2: The zinc content was also a typo. Fixed now. NaCl values also approximated based on Google.


Thank you for the added info.

You sodium for the Muscle Feast Whole Oat Powder is incorrect. It should be .0017 rather than 1.7
That puts you back within normal amounts.

I don’t see anything that is glaringly wrong, with the typo fixes. I actually have to head into work myself now. But when I get a chance I will take a look again. Also there appears to be 3 other people combing through your recipe now.


There’s also a lot of nutrients in the oat powder that are not listed on the label. Here’s the nutrient data for oat flour, partially debranned, which is probably close enough to use: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/cereal-grains-and-pasta/7440/2.

Also, you should add the Upper Limits for all the nutrients on your list. You can use the tables here: http://ods.od.nih.gov/Health_Information/Dietary_Reference_Intakes.aspx. This is the National Institutes of Health’s recommendations.


I’m using a spreadsheet made by someone else on here that included a toxicity warning. I guess it doesn’t work, though, because the spreadsheet had choline at 250g and sulfur at 500g and the warning didn’t show up. Thanks for the tables.


I just freaked myself out because my fingers are wrinkled but I’m not near water. Combined with the sweating and shaking, I thought of nerve damage, but my B6 isn’t high enough for that. What are other possible causes for this? I’m drinking a lot of water in the meantime.


I’m taking out the Cal-Mag caps and replacing it with another source of calcium. Magnesium overdose is consistent with my symptoms, and the caps are putting me over 100% on several micros, including magnesium.


Is everything still valid? Check the end dates, maybe stuff just went off.


Yes, everything is within the expiration dates. In fact I noticed a few days ago that my vitamins were expired, so I bought a new bottle yesterday, then I mixed the formula.


You sound like you’re dying. I suggest aborting the whole thing until you figure out what went wrong, not fixing it along the way.


It looks like you’re above the uppper limit of selenium 400 mcg. you’re taking 400 in the selenium tablet and also getting 20 mcg more from the multivitamin. i think you have one too many zeros in the selenium tablet row. 0.00004 should be 0.0004.


Also table salt has some calcium. For the amount you’re using its .72 g based on this data. You’re still below the UL on that but something to keep in mind.